Monday, October 29, 2007

It is all about the handles and the shot!

It is my opinion that for any player that wants to be deemed a major talent, they must be able to do two things really well - handle the ball and shoot it. Look at some of the big men who have been tremendous in the NBA over the last few years - Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Garnett. Both players can handle the ball, and they both can shoot the rock. Kevin Durant shot the ball well last year, and can put the rock on the deck. Lebron is no slouch, and the same can be said for Kobe. Do you see a trend here? The best players in the world have HANDLES and can SHOOT! I have had 4 major college D1 coaches, in the last 2 weeks, tell me that they are looking for players who are ball handlers AND shooters, in each position. And they are not interested in having to teach those skills when the kids arrive as freshmen.

Coaches - if you are not working on ball handling and shooting every practice, you are missing the boat and doing a disservice to your players. I am working with many future D1 players right now, and we work on handling, shooting and footwork. They are way ahead of their peers.

Players - of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities - handle, handle, and handle some more. The secret to success is TWO BALL DRILLS. Look them up on the Internet, develop a routine, and handle two basketballs ALL THE TIME!!! Then shoot, shoot and shoot some more.

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