Friday, November 9, 2007

Recruiting during the college season

Well, here we go. Another race to March Madness . . .

I have made an observation during the last few years regarding recruiting during the college season: the best recruiters, and hence the most successful programs, find a way to maintain their recruiting intensity EVEN during the college season. It is brutal, and I am sure very exhausting, but the top programs somehow find a way to make a big high school game, or get on the phone, email or snail mail to their top prospects. Since I run an AAU program, and we have many highly recruited players in our program, I see first-hand the recruiters who "take the season off" or who struggle to juggle all of the demands. Make no mistake about it - I am not suggesting it is easy nor that much fun. But I AM suggesting that for your top recruit(s) you must find a way to get it done. If you don't, you can lose a lot of hard earned equity you have built up. Kids, coaches and parents notice . . . if you don't keep it rolling, someone else will quickly jump in and move ahead. I will be observing, once again, to see who can find a way to get it all done! Unfair - maybe. Reality - for sure.

Have a GREAT day, and remind your players that it is all about the handles and the shot!!!

Upcoming interviews

I will be interviewing many top players in the Class of 2010 in the near future, including Steve Rennard, Marcus Kennedy, Frantz Massenat, Dondre Whitmore, Harold Spears, Wayne Newsom, Dontae Johnson, Jayon James, Markese Tucker, Fuquan Edwin, Isiah Epps, Tony Chenault, TJ Clemings, and many others. The purpose of the interviews is to be able to give the subscribers to Northstar Basketball, LLC some insight into these players . . . to get to know them a little better.

Stay tuned!

Welcome AD Gaffney

AD Gaffney will be providing scouting insight on players from the NJ/NY/Philly areas. AD grew up in NYC, played HS ball there, and played at the University of Portland. He has a lot of contacts in NYC, and will provide great insight for everyone involved in Northstar Basketball, LLC.

He can be reached at