Friday, November 9, 2007

Recruiting during the college season

Well, here we go. Another race to March Madness . . .

I have made an observation during the last few years regarding recruiting during the college season: the best recruiters, and hence the most successful programs, find a way to maintain their recruiting intensity EVEN during the college season. It is brutal, and I am sure very exhausting, but the top programs somehow find a way to make a big high school game, or get on the phone, email or snail mail to their top prospects. Since I run an AAU program, and we have many highly recruited players in our program, I see first-hand the recruiters who "take the season off" or who struggle to juggle all of the demands. Make no mistake about it - I am not suggesting it is easy nor that much fun. But I AM suggesting that for your top recruit(s) you must find a way to get it done. If you don't, you can lose a lot of hard earned equity you have built up. Kids, coaches and parents notice . . . if you don't keep it rolling, someone else will quickly jump in and move ahead. I will be observing, once again, to see who can find a way to get it all done! Unfair - maybe. Reality - for sure.

Have a GREAT day, and remind your players that it is all about the handles and the shot!!!

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