Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Jersey Hoops Triangle

Well, we are off and running here in New Jersey in the world of high school basketball. It is an exciting time for nationally ranked teams from New Jersey, like St. Pats, St. Benedict and St. Anthony playing all over the country; St. Pats was just in Houston, St. Benedicts in Florida, and St. Anthony's in New Mexico.

From a college recruiting perspective, the "New Jersey Hoops Triangle" is a logistically efficient opportunity to recruit top players. Let's walk through what a high major program from, for example, the PAC-10, could get accomplished in one day. First, the coach can fly into Newark airport either the night before or the morning of the recruiting trip. Depending on their recruiting priorities, they can stop into one of the "New Jersey Hoops Triangle" schools (such as St. Benedict) and speak with the Coach Danny Hurley and maybe time that meeting around the beginning of practice to see their number one priority recruit workout - maybe top juniors Gregory Echenique or Tamir Jackson. After a short visit at St. Benedict, they can jump in the car and make the short drive from St. Benedict in Newark to St. Pats in Elizabeth to watch the end of their workout, have a chat with Coach Boyle and Coach Rae, and observe one of the top juniors in the country, Dexter Strickland, or an up and coming sophomore point guard, Kevin Boyle. Maybe the recruiter will get the chance to see one of the top freshman in the land, Michael Gilchrist, get some work in. At the end of the St. Pats workout, schedule permitting, the recruiter may be able to get to watch St. Anthony play a game in Jersey City. What a great chance to watch Dominic Cheek, the phenom junior wing, light up the score board and get the chance to learn a few things from the legendary Coach Hurley.

The bottom line is that these three schools are LOADED with talent, from the class of 2008 through the class of 2011, and if you are looking for great players to recruit, logistical and cost efficiency, and excellent coaches to work with, the "New Jersey Hoops Triangle" is the place to be!!!

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