Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Steve Rennard - a 2010 playmaker!

I love to watch and coach playmakers, and Steve Rennard is one!!! Whether it be deflecting a pass leading to a steal and a fast break, or breaking someone down off the dribble, drawing two defenders and kicking to the open man I LOVE TO WATCH AND COACH PLAYMAKERS!! Steve is a sophomore point guard who can slide over to the shooting guard spot interchangeably. While at St. Joe's Metuchen he runs the one, getting everyone involved while putting up 15 points per game. In the summer he runs with Team NJABC and plays both the lead and shooting guard positions . . . and is effective in both. For example, in the quarterfinals of the Main Event last year in Las Vegas, he buried 4 three pointers in about 90 seconds against Houston Hoops. It was pretty spectacular. The week before that at Eastern Invitational he was selected as an all-star at the point guard position because he was driving and dishing while also burying the open jumper. Quite frankly, this kid is just a flat out great guard. Oh yeah . . . he is a lock down defender AND he has a 4.0 GPA. WOW!

I had the chance to catch up with Steve for a few minutes to find out, at mid-season, how things were going:

NB: What is your record right now at St. Joes?
SR: "We are 12-3, and we should be 14-1 . . . we really should only have one loss."

NB: What are the strengths of your high school team?
SR: "We play great defense holding opponents to 41 ppg, and we push the ball in a transition game. That is our main offensive focus."

NB: What areas does your high school team need to improve in?
SR: "Executing our offense . . . not just going through the motions. We get lazy sometimes and need to be sharper with our screens and cuts."

NB: What colleges have you heard from thus far?
SR: "St. Joes, Bucknell, Florida, Rutgers, American, William & Mary, Brown, and Penn."

NB: What level of division one do you see yourself playing someday?
SR: "I want to go as high as I can in D1. I must continue to work hard, getting bigger and stronger, and I must get better with my handle and my speed to be a high major D1 player and I am committed to getting that done - definitely!"

NB: What are plans for the summer?
SR: "A lot of big tournies with Team NJABC, attending individual and team camps such as Eastern with the Hoop Group, and a lot of time in the gym just getting better."

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