Monday, January 28, 2008

Frantz Massenat - Star In the Making

Frantz Massenat is arguably the most highly regarded player on this great team that Trenton Catholic has put together, and for good reason. Frantz is 6’2”, but looks taller due to his long arms. The sophomore is an extremely versatile player, who can play point, but is also able to work down low. Massenat is a top-notch talent who will only improve with seasoning. Frantz and I talked after the team’s big win over Lenape, during which Massenat took two charges.

NB: What went into that performance for your guys? It was a hard fought battle. You had 11 points. Talk about . . . what you had to do to help the team out during the game.
FM: Well me, I basically had to step my game up. . . . I had to hit the open man, because they slacked off on my teammates, so I was being unselfish a lot.

NB: Down the stretch, you missed a couple free throws. How’d you rebound from that to keep up your game?
FM: I shoot . . . free throws [well] in practice, so I just thought about it [being] practice, and then got to the line and shot them.

NB: You’re only a sophomore, but college is on the verge here down the road. Are there any schools you have been thinking about, or any schools that have been sending you letters?
FM: Yeah, I’ve been getting letters from Rider all the time because they gave me a scholarship [offer]. I’ve been getting letters from Indiana, Florida, . . . a few schools.

NB: Do you have a first choice at thus point, or are you just weighing your options?
FM: Not yet.

NB: What was it like getting your first scholarship offer, from Rider? How did it feel to know that you are definitely going to have the chance to play ball in college?
FM: It felt good. It felt great. To me, Rider’s a good school, it’s Division I. Now that they gave me a scholarship [offer], I just have to get better to see where else I can go.

NB: Do you have a goal to . . . play in one of the big conferences?
FM: Yeah.

NB: So you want to [go] as high as you possibly can?
FM: Exactly.

Frantz Massenat is clearly an ambitious kid with his eyes set on continuing to play ball for years to come. He is certainly talented enough to do so. As he continues to grow and put on weight, Massenat’s skills will become more polished, and his ideal position should become more clear. For now though, Frantz is a high-caliber high schooler with a versatile game, and has the potential to become a big-time college basketball player.

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