Monday, January 28, 2008

Dondre Whitmore - Great Things Come in Small Packages

Don’t let Dondre Whitmore’s height affect your opinions of him. The sophomore might only be 5’8”, but he can flat-out play basketball. Whitmore can jump out of the gym, run like the wind, and he plays intense defense. Dondre has a high-quality shot, a reliable handle, and is a great floor leader at the point. Whitmore is a well-rounded player, able to score and pass, rebound and play D, as well as drive and also hit a pull-up jumper. I caught up with Dondre after the Lenape game.

NB: You played a pretty good game today, 15 points, 7 for 7 from the line, what went into that?

DW: I was really focused on the game, because we have to win five games before the cutoff to get a good spot in the playoffs.

NB: What’s your outlook for the MCT’s [Mercer County Tournament]?
DW: We are looking to win all that. We are looking to play Trenton [Central] High [School].

NB: That should be a pretty good game. Have you guys played them yet this season?
DW: No, that’s the only way we can play them, if we play them in that tournament.

NB: So you’re only a sophomore, but have you started thinking about colleges yet?
DW: No.

NB: Growing up, did you ever have a college you always wanted to play for, or just whoever shows you interest?
DW: I want to play for Florida.

Dondre is a kid with a great game, but its his defense that really stands out. Whitmore had the tough task of guarding the ball in Trenton Catholic’s one-on-one full-court press on the ball. Most of the time, the ball was in the hands of Lenape’s lightening-fast senior point guard Mike Celestin. Whitmore’s most impressive attribute on D was his ability to turn his hips with the ball so he was never facing the wrong way. Sometimes Whitmore would get beat off the dribble and Celestin would get to the hoop, but Dondre did hold him to just 4 points. Dondre’s name begins with the same letter of defense, so it should be easy to remember his forte. When you think Dondre Whitmore, think defense. Whitmore has a complete game that should transfer well to the college game due to his broad range of skills. Coaches should not let Whitmore’s height shouldn’t scare them away, because he is one heck of a talent.

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