Monday, January 28, 2008

Markese Tucker - A True Team Player

Sophomore Markese Tucker is not only the tallest player on the Trenton Catholic Iron Mikes at 6’5, he is also a vital part of the team. Markese, a member of the NJABC AAU program, has been out for almost a week with a sprained wrist. He has a thick Ace Bandage on the wrist, but despite his injury, Markese attends games and sits on the bench with his team. Tucker is a true team player, and watching him shoot one-handed in warm-ups was pretty impressive. I spoke with Markese after Trenton Catholic’s game against Lenape in the Jeff Coney Classic on January 26, 2008.

NB: What was it like watching the team struggle out there and not be able to play?
MT: Well you know, it was hard because I’m a big part of the team, and it’s hard, because I’m used to being out there and contributing to the team, but I have a sprained wrist. I’ll be back, though.

NB: When did you sprain that, and do you know when you’ll be able to play?
MT: I sprained it at the Pemberton game [on 1/22/08]. I’ll be back next week.

NB: You’re a sophomore . . . but have you been thinking about college? . . . What colleges are looking at you? Where are you considering?
MT: Rider, Rutgers, and Temple.

NB: Do you have a top choice now at this point, or are you just weighing your options?
MT: I’m just weighing them out really. That’s all I want to do. . . . Right now I’m just enjoying high school.

NB: What’s your record so far this season?
MT: 13-2.

I’m sure Markese is anxious to not only get back on the court, but also to help his team keep up their winning ways. With the way Trenton Catholic played against a solid Lenape team, I can’t imagine just how frightening they are with a healthy Tucker.

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