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Aaron Brown- A Key Part of the Gray Bees' Future

Aaron Brown plays on a high school team full of superstars at St. Benedict's (NY), which features Lamar Patterson '09, Tamir Jackson '09, Tristan Thompson '10, and Myck Kabongo '11 as its prime stars. Other well-known players include Mike Poole '10, Tavon Sledge '11, and Myles Davis '11. The first four of those players did not participate in the Hoop Group Showcase due to the NBA Top 100 camp in Virginia. Thus, Brown and the Gray Bees' other youngsters had a chance to shine. Aaron, a 6'4 forward in the class of 2010, was easily the best player the squad had at the event. I spoke with him after after his squad eked out a win over PCTI (NJ).

NB: You hit the winning shot. How’d it feel?
AB: It felt good. I think we should have still won by about 20 points. We let them come back into the game, and it felt good though, [to] hit the winning shot.

NB: How’d that happen? How’d you guys let that lead slip away?
AB: It came in with the subs. When [the coach] brought in some subs, . . . a couple kids from JV. They [are] not used to varsity basketball. So, they [are] just getting a feel for it for their first time, so [they] probably were a little nervous.

NB: What’s your outlook for [the] season next year at St. Benedict’s? You guys are . . . unexpectedly losing Greg [Echenique]. You guys are losing Samardo [Samuels]. How are you going to rebound from that?
AB: We got a couple big-time guards coming in, and I think we got one big man [too]. So this year, like last year, our goal is to get number one in the country, so I think we can do it this year.

NB: What are some of your other goals?
AB: By the end of the year, for me to commit to a school. Other goals, . . . have a good record like we did last year and the reputation going for the school.

NB: What schools are currently recruiting you?
AB: Providence, Michigan, Kentucky, Marist, Virginia Tech. I got some other schools, but I don’t remember [them] off the top of my head.

NB: Have all those schools offered you a scholarship?
AB: Providence did, Marist did, Kentucky did, I got Harvard did. I got a couple Ivy League schools, they all offered me. . . . I’m keeping my mind open, I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.

NB: What’s your Grade Point Average [GPA]?
AB: 3.6.

NB: Do you have a favorite right now, [a] top school?
AB: No, I don’t have a favorite right now. I’m looking at everybody.

NB: Do you have a dream school?
AB: Dream school? Florida.

NB: If Florida offered, would you commit on the spot?
AB: I think so, yeah.

NB: What makes Florida standout to you?
AB: I [have] always liked them. Even before they won the National Championship, since I was little.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
AB: Going to the hole.

NB: What [is] . . . the weakest [point of your game]?
AB: Weakest? Probably shooting off the dribble.

NB: What are you doing to work on that?
AB: I’m in the gym everyday with one of the coaches, working on my game, so [I’m] working on the jump-shot, going to the hole, trying to polish up my game.

NB: What AAU team to you play with?
AB: [The] Metro Hawks 16 and Under [team].

NB: What’s it like for you to put on that St. Benedict’s jersey? [It’s] such a prestigious [basketball] school.
AB: It feels good, we’re respected all around the country, so every time we put it on, you got to come to play.

Aaron Brown is a superstar in the making. He will likely always be overshadowed by Tristan Thompson, arguably the best player in the country in the class of 2010, but that doesn't mean Brown can't make a name for himself. In fact, it's likely that Aaron will indeed become a commonly known player in the high school basketball world, as he has a great deal of talent. Tell your friends about the rising star now, and in a few years when Brown is starring for Danny Hurley, you'll look like a genius for seeing it in advance.

Scouting Report on Brown:

Brown is just 6'4, but he looks a bit bigger. He can bang down low and player either forward position, though he'll need more height to be a full-time 4. Right now has a nice game, but needs to develop a better shot and extend his range. Aaron is a player with whom what you see is what you get, and might not have a vast amount of potential, though a major growth spurt would change that. Brown plays well in big games and in major moments, evidenced by the fact that he hit the game-winner against PCTI (NJ) and led his team in points against both PCTI and St. Patrick's (NJ), one of the Gray Bees' major rivals. Overall, Brown is a gifted player, who just needs to refine his game as a whole.

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