Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on . . . Lance Stephenson

If you recall, I recently posted an interview with the father of 6'6 swingman Lance Stephenson '09. In the talk, Mr. Stehenson mentioned Memphis, Kansas, St. John's, UCLA, and USC as his son's finalists. The Lincoln (NY) star apparently has another school on his mind, though. Adam Zagoria of has an article on his site, in which he reports that the younger Lance said that Kansas, Memphis, and Tennessee are his favorites. Making it in more interesting is that Mr. Stephenson informed me that UCLA is his current favorite, yet the Bruins are not in Lance's top three. Stephenson is a player to keep in an eye on, and I'll do just this for you.

Note- This is the link to the article on with Stephenson's school list:


Charles said...

I read in an earlier article that Lance did not make the USA Team because he did not get along with the other players on the team. Does Lance have an atittude problem because of the mass notoriety he has received in NYC and beyond?

North Star Basketball said...

While I would not say that Lance specifically has an attitude problem, he certainly has some problems with his demeanor. I can't really say exactly where this comes from, as I am not Lance himself. What I can say, though, is that there may well be a chance that part of it comes from being such a big name in NYC, a hotbed for hoops. I hope that it all works out for Stephenson, as he has all the talent to be a successful player for many, many years.