Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chase Plummer- Filling the Holes

The St. Patrick's Celtics (NJ) are one of the best high school teams in America ever year. At the Hoop Group Showcase, Kevin Boyle's squad was missing a number of its star players. Jermel Jenkins and Quintrell Thomas are gone to graduation. Dexter Strickland '09 was in Africa for adidas Nations, Michael Gilchrist '11 and Paris Bennett '09 were at the NBA Top 100 camp. Rising sophomores Shaq Stokes and Derrick Gordon also missed the event. This left the opportunity for a number of Celtics to step up and many of them rose to the challenge. One of these players was 6'5 junior-to-be forward Chase Plummer. I caught up him after the team narrowly beat New Rochelle (NY) by a score of 75-72.

NB: What happened out there for [the team]? You had a big, 30-point lead at the half, [and it] slipped away. What went wrong?
CP: The refs were killing us out there, . . . calling no fouls. I got my head taken off under the rim. It was wild, wild out there.

NB: What did you guys do [as a team] to let that game slip away?
CP: We didn’t finish. The second half I wasn’t rebounding, we [were] missing shots, just couldn’t complete . . . down the stretch.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
CP: I don’t know. My game in general? . . . I rebound, I score. I can score, finish. That’s my big thing when comes to my game.

NB: What’s the weakest point of your game?
CP: Passing, passing really. I got to become a better passer.

NB: What schools are you considering?
CP: I got looks from LaSalle [and] St. Joe’s. That’s really about it right now.

Unfortunately I did not have much time to speak with Plummer, as Coach Boyle wanted to speak with his players. Chase is a talented ball player with a bright future. It is impressive that he was able to step in and be a key contributor at the event, despite not seeing all that much varsity playing time in the past. This is definitely a kid to keep an eye on, as Plummer might be a kid who makes some major strides as a senior, much as departing senior Quintrell Thomas did at St. Pat's.

Scouting Report on Plummer's game vs. New Rochelle:

Chase had an impressive showing against the squad from the Empire State. The 6'5 class of 2010 forward was one of the two best players on the court for the Celtics, along with rising junior 6'1 guard Kyrie Irving. Plummer was impressive in his ability to draw fouls down low and get to the line. The problem, though, is that Chase was not as good when it came to hitting his shots from the stripe. One thing that really stood out about Plummer was his rebounding prowess, especially on the offensive glass. In fact, at one point in the game against New Rochelle, Plummer snatched an offensive board, and then Jeff Borzello of and I both said "oh wow." Chase is big, and seems a bit bigger than his listed height of 6'5. He has long arms, and not surprisingly is a good shot blocker. Plummer will either need to get bigger so that he can really be a 4, or extend his range and his overall game farther from the hole. Right now, Chase is a 'tweener, but a talented one.

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