Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alex Schwartz- Northstar Basketball Writer

Alex Schwartz, a junior at The Pennington (NJ) School, has been the primary contributor and sole writer for Northstar Basketball, LLC over the past few months. Alex is a big-time hoops fan, following all levels of basketball, from high school up through the NBA, with his main passion lying in the amateur ranks. He is the sports editor for his school’s newspaper, The Penntonian, and the main writer for the school’s sports website, As well, Alex was a member of PSN in the fall of 2007, the school’s version of ESPN, and had number of roles, including editing and taping games. In the spring session, Alex is an anchor, writer, and producer. Schwartz has a great understanding of the game of basketball, an intense passion for the sport, and an almost scary knowledge of stats, rankings, and more. In the summer of 2007, Alex attended a sportscasting camp run by Bruce Beck (NBC) and Ian Eagle (NJ Nets and CBS). He has started to work for Team New Jersey Amteur Basketball Clinic (Team NJ-ABC), an AAU basketball program based in New Jersey. In addition, Alex has taken at least one radio/television class in school from 6th-9th grade along with 11th grade. Schwartz hopes to pursue a career in sportscasting and/or sports journalism down the road.

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