Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poll Results:

The latest polls closed last night, and apparently the thinking is that the east coast is where the best ball is played. In the poll asking which state produced the best talent, New York finished first, picking up 20 votes, while New Jersey ended up in second, collecting 14 selections. Those 34 votes combined for over half of the total votes, 62. The option of "Other" finished in third place, with 12 votes. My hunch is that many of those votes would have gone to Pennsylvania, had it been an option. If that is the case, it means that the Northeast, is hands-down the best area for high school hoops in the nation. California finished in a far-away fourth place, with 6 votes. Apparently the Cali duo of Jrue Holiday and Demar DeRozan didn't help the Golden State to earn respect, in comparison to New York and New Jersey. Indiana came in fifth place with four votes, and those in the Hoosier State probably aren't too happy with the weak finish. Just behind Indiana was Ohio, which grabbed three votes, and then came Georgia with a pair of selections. After the Peach State was Illinois with one vote, and then Florida which did not receive any choices. Please comment on this article to explain your vote. If you are one of the 12 people who chose "Other," then a comment from you would be fantastic.
As for the other poll, asking what attribute was the most important in a high school player/recruit, Basketball IQ was the run-away winner, receiving 14 of the 32 votes. Overall Athleticism was a distant second with seven votes, followed by Handle, which was chosen four times. Next up were Size and Defensive Ability, which both had two votes. Shot grabbed one vote to finish in seventh, and then Passing Ability finished in last place, getting shut out, as was "Other." It appears that smarts aren't only needed in the classroom.

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