Monday, April 21, 2008

Doron Lamb- Heading to the Big East?

At the Playaz Spring Fling, I had the opportunity to chat with Doron Lamb once again. The Bishop Loughlin (NY) star and I primarily discussed his college choices and AAU basketball. Lamb, a 6'4 sophomore guard for the New York Guachos' U-17 squad, had a solid, but not spectacular showing at the event. Doron and I spoke after his team squeaked by the Lloyd Daniels Rebels in pool play, and here is how our talk went.

NB: What colleges do you currently hold an offer from?
DL: I got an offer from Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Georgetown, Louisville, St. John’s, Seton Hall, that’s it.

NB: [Which] schools [would you say] . . . are seriously recruiting you?
DL: Louisville, [that’s] the main one. Louisville and Rutgers, that’s the main ones.

NB: Are there any other ones that have not offered that are also heavily interested?
DL: Syracuse and Duke.

NB: Do you have any schools at the top of your list right now?
DL: The school I want to go to is Syracuse, Louisville, or Georgetown.

NB: What puts those three at the top?
DL: I like the Big East, the Big East [is] the best conference.

NB: What would it mean to you to play in the Big East?
DL: [That would be] my dream come true. . . . It’s just my dream.

NB: How has it helped you to see guys . . . go through the recruiting process before you, guys like [your high school teammate] Kevin Phillip?
DL: Well, we had . . . [the] number one [AAU] team in the nation last year [with] guys like Kemba [Walker and] Chris [Fouch] and all them, so we just got to live up to the [standard that they set] . . . So, we just got to play hard every night, and just keep on playing.

NB: What is it like for you playing AAU basketball compared to high school basketball?
DL: I think [AAU is] better because you play more games, and you travel, and you have more free time, and you get to hang out with your teammates. I think it’s the best.

NB: What’s your overall favorite part of AAU basketball?
DL: Just traveling, . . . just staying in hotels and hanging out with [my] friends.

NB: If someone put a Letter of Intent in front of you right now and said you had to sign now, who would you sign with?
DL: I think I would go with Louisville.

NB: Why Louisville?
DL: Because I got my friends over there, Edgar [Sosa] and Derrick Caracter. I’m cool with them, . . . and I like [Head Coach] Rick Pitino, and I like [the] staff. So, I think I would go there.

Well, it appears that Doron Lamb appears to be looking primarily at Big East schools, though Duke, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech are also involved. It will be interesting to see if the announcement, according to, that Caracter is turning pro will affect Lamb's perception of the Cardinals. I will to my best to get in contact with Doron and find out what he thinks of the sitaution. Whether it be Louisville or someone else, it certainly seems that the sophomore phenom has his sights set on the Big East. If that's the case, there will be 15 schools that will not be very happy to have to deal with Doron Lamb each season.

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