Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poll Results:

Apparently you can not only tell the future, but have a basketball mind similar to that of Tyreke Evans'. You, the readers of Northstar Basketball, selected Memphis as the American Christian Academy (PA) star's college destination, giving it 38 of the 53 votes, for a whopping 70%. Villanova picked up 13 selections, Seton Hall got two, Texas received one, and UConn was left with none. Meanwhile, in the poll on what school would be best for Tyreke, you also selected Memphis, as the school picked up 26 of the 46 selections, good for 56%. Villanova was somewhat close in second place with the Wildcats getting picked 17 times. UConn, which was shut out in the other poll, picked up a pair of votes in this one, while Seton Hall grabbed one choice, and Texas none. You went two-for-two, even picking Evans' second choice school correctly. Congratulations to all of you who correctly chose Tyreke Evans' future school.

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