Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Update on . . . Tyshawn Taylor

Marquette's Head Coach Tom Crean is leaving the school for Indiana, according to numerous media outlets, including ESPN.com and Rivals.com, and this obviously has an impact on the Golden Eagles' class of 2008 recruits, including 6'4 guard Tyshawn Taylor of St. Anthony's (NJ). I just spoke to Taylor about the breaking news regarding the Marquette program, and about what his future will be. "It was a shock to me, . . . I'm kind of shocked. . . . I didn't really know [that this was going to happen]," said Taylor of Crean's departure from the university for IU. I inquired as to whether or not Taylor would seek a release from his Letter of Intent to the school, to which he replied "I don't know, . . . I'm not sure. . . . I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. . . . I'm going to talk to my coaches about it. . . . I have no idea, . . . I want to see what coach they bring in. . . . If a coach comes in and changes the style [of play, that would not be something I'd like]. . . . I want to go to Marquette. . . . I love Tom Crean." I followed that up by asking him if he'd consider following Crean to Indiana, and he said, "I don't know, . . . I just want to see what he's thinking." Tyshawn told me that he "hasn't talked to [Crean] yet." I questioned Taylor about what schools he would look at if he was let out of his LOI, and he answered saying "I don't know. . . . I don't know what schools are really interested." He informed me that prior to choosing Marquette, his other finalists were "Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, . . . North Carolina and Kansas," and that "those were the five schools [he] planned on visiting," though he only got to check out "Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech," along with Marquette. Taylor's response to my inquiry of whom he would like to see hired by the university was: "I don't even know. . . . That's what separated [Marquette] from all the other schools that were recruiting me, the coaching staff." I followed that up by asking the New Jersey star if he would like to see one of the assistants hired, to which he said: "I think that would be nice. . . . I fell in love with those guys. . . . I doubt that any of the assistants would get hired, but it would be nice." He specifically mentioned Brent Williams, the coach that recruited him along with Crean. Taylor, who described his initial reaction as "upset and confused," said "honestly, . . . I don't even know what guys are out there," answering my question of what coach he would select of all realistic candidates. "I didn't know this was [going to] happen. I didn't even know," Taylor said. I asked him if the other Marquette recruits' decisions of whether to stay or go would affect his choice: "Probably, . . . I have a good relationship with those guys. . . . If they leave, I'm probably going to [as well]," adding "that [it] would a good chance" of him going elsewhere should other players do so. The "style of play" at Marquette was a main drawing card for Taylor, so it is important to him that whoever the new head coach at the school is does not have a completely different coaching philosophy from Crean. I will let you all know with happens with Tyshawn Taylor once Marquette selects a new coach, and maybe even before, should the search take a while. Stay tuned!

Note- photo is of Tom Crean, and is from http://espn.go.com/

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DaManKU said...

Welcome to KU, Tyshawn! Grew up in Lawrence, but my parents moved us to Jersey when I was 11. Lived in JC after graduating from Rutgers and caught a lot of St. Anthony games.