Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Davontay Grace- Big Guard's Got Game

Davontay Grace is a well-known player in the New York area. The freshman at Jefferson (NY) is not only highly-regarded, but highly-skilled. Although it may seem that these two would always go hand in hand, that's just not the case, as many kids get the hype, but don't play up to that level. Grace is 6'2, but has a body frame that makes him look bigger. His size allows him to get to the hoop. Davontay is a skilled combo guard on the AAU level with Rich Soil from New York. I caught up with the linebacker-esque guard after his team was defeated by Team New Jersey ABC at the Providence Jam Fest.

NB: What do you consider to be the forte of your game?
DG: I think I improved my jump-shot, and my ability to make my teammates better, and my playmaking ability.

NB: What do you think is your biggest weakness?
DG: I got to get in better shape and work on defense more.

NB: What player [that is currently] in either the NBA or the NCAA . . . would you compare your game to?
DG: I think, . . . probably if I was two more inches taller, . . . I think I play like Baron Davis a bit.

NB: Have you been receiving any college interest at this point?
DG: Yeah, I [have received] from Seton Hall, Marquette, Rutgers, Tennessee, [and] I think Cincinnati too.

NB: Have any of the schools offered you yet?
DG: Not that I know of.

NB: Do you have a school that growing up you’ve always rooted for that you’ve always wanted to go to?
DG: Yeah, I like North Carolina and . . . Georgetown.

NB: Why [those two]?
DG: Just the tradition that they have and the NBA players that they breed.

NB: [Has] there ever been a coach that you’ve always wanted to play for?
DG: Not really. . . . I just like basketball, and wherever I go, I just want to be taught basketball and get better [by] whatever coach I play for.

NB: What do you like most about playing AAU basketball?
DG: The competition and the traveling.

NB: What’s your least favorite part?
DG: The early morning games.

Grace has a balanced game on offense. He drives to the rack, but also pulls up for jumpers. The frosh's range extends to beyond the three-point arc. Although Davontay had an off-day shooting that ball when I saw him play, his talent was evident. You may not know who Grace is yet, but the New York guard will be big in the hoops scene as his years in high school move along.

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