Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maalik Wayns- It's All About PA

Roman Catholic (PA) superstar Maalik Wayns has already picked his future school, but hasn't stopped the 6'1 junior guard from playing AAU ball. Wayns, a future Villanova Wildcat, is one of America's premiere juniors, and is a member of Team Philly's U-17 squad. Wayns and Co. took part in the Playaz Spring Fling, where the team won its pool. After his team narrowly defeated Team New Jersey ABC, I spoke with Maalik.

NB: What went into your decision to commit to Villanova?
MW: I [have been] watching them play since I grew up, and [it is] . . . like my dream school, so when . . . the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it.

NB: What were some of the other schools that were offering you and were looking at you?
MW: Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, . . . [and] North Carolina St.

NB: When the offers first started rolling in, and the interest first started rolling in, were you . . . planning on making your decision before your senior year, or was it just something that, the time felt right?
MW: The time felt right. . . . It’s a great school, great tradition, and I just, when I visited it, I liked it a lot, and I [have been] around the program a lot, so it just felt right.

NB: What about attending Roman Catholic for high school? . . . With all the private schools . . . around Pennsylvania, what made that school the most appealing to you?
MW: The tradition. A lot of great players [have] went there, Eddie Griffin, Rasual Butler, players like that went there before me, so I just wanted to follow the tradition.

NB: How do you plan on keeping your focus . . . for your senior year? You’ve already committed to college, you already know you are set. What are you going to do to maintain that focus that you’ve needed thus far?
MW: Just keep working hard, get in the gym, hit the books, and be ready for two years from now.

NB: Why are you choosing to continue playing AAU ball, just for the fun? Because once you’ve already verbaled, you don’t necessarily need to be playing AAU. What . . . made that decision for you to continue playing this [spring and] summer?
MW: Oh, it’s just fun. [I get to] have fun with all my friends. . . . I like traveling a lot with my AAU teammates and my AAU team, so it’s fun.

NB: What do you enjoy more, AAU [basketball] or high school [basketball]?
MW: Both, but AAU [because we get to do] more traveling.

NB: What [is the team] looking to accomplish the rest of the way in this tournament?
MW: Try to win it.

NB: What about over the summer as a whole?
MW: Try to win every tournament we play in.

NB: What do you consider to be the forte of your game?
MW: Penetrating, dishing off to my teammates, and . . . being a winner most importantly.

Wayns clearly loves Pennsylvania. Not only does the stud point guard attend high school in the Keystone State, but his AAU program is based out of Pennsylvania. In addition, Maalik won't have to go all that far in two years when he heads to Villanova, Pennsylvania's foremost college for hoops. Maalik will thrive at 'Nova, one of the best schools in the 21st century, producing players such as Mike Nardi, Allan Ray, Randy Foye, and Kyle Lowry. In addition, the squad currently has Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher. Wayns will be next in line at point guard for the Wildcats, and the in-state phenom has all the tools to succeed.

Note- photo is from http://scouthoops.scout.com


VUhoops.com said...

Villanova is excited for Maalik to be a Wildcat.

North Star Basketball said...

As it should be. Wayns is a great player, and he will contribute a lot to the program.

Mufasa said...


Great post. I linked to your site on our La Salle blog. We are not happy for Maalik to be a wildcat. Keep up the good work!