Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update on . . . Paris Bennett

Paris Bennett, a 6'6 junior guard for the St. Patrick's (NJ) Celtics was kind enough to take a few minutes for to chat with me yesterday. Bennett, who is "currently . . . with the Roadrunners," for the AAU season, informed me that his current scholarship offers are from Rhode Island, Rutgers, Temple, St. Joseph's, LaSalle, and Fordham, adding that they are "mostly . . . in the A10." Paris told me that receives "a lot of mail from [schools in] the Big East and ACC, . . . but [doesn't] pay attention [to them]," adding "if they really had an interest in me, . . . I'd talk to them." He did mention that "Villanova" is seriously pursuing him, though they have not extended a scholarship offer at this point. "I've always been a Villanova fan, I like their style [of play], . . . but I'll . . . have to put in work to get there." I inquired as to whether the Wildcats would jump to the top of his list should they offer him, to which Paris said "no, I wouldn't be able to let it." He told me that "Rhode Island," is in the lead for his services, but "St. Joe's and LaSalle," are right up there, too. Bennett informed me that LaSalle has "a lot of our players [from St. Patrick's]." I asked Paris who he would sign with if he had to do so now: "Rhode Island." His reasoning for saying the Rams are on top is that he "went to the school, [and] . . . seen the campus," also pointing out that "they have a nice new . . . facility, . . . the people are basketball crazy, . . . they have a real good coach [Jim Baron], . . . [and he] won't be distracted because there's not a lot to do." Bennett's high school, St. Patrick's, sends out Division I basketball players every year, and I questioned him about how that has helped him to see numerous players go through the recruiting process before him: "It helps me a lot because . . . I was seeing coaches a lot. . . . [I learned that] you don't have to rush [your decision], . . . [and] [wherever] you feel most comfortable, . . . that's where you go." It seems that Paris Bennett knows what he is looking for in a school, and that he'll make an informed decision. I'll keep you informed about how he is does in his college search.

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