Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indiana Elite- The Best in the Land

I have been saying for a little while now, that the Indiana Elite-One U-17 squad is the best AAU team there is, bar none. This was before they won the Pitt Jam Fest, as reported by, and also before said the same thing. It takes just one look at their roster to know that they are easily at the top of the line when it comes to grassroots ball clubs. The squad features 6'10 Mason Plumlee (Duke), 6'9 Bobby Capobianco (Indiana), 6'7.5 Jordan Prosser (uncommitted), 6'5 DJ Byrd (Purdue), and 6'9 Stephan Van Treese (uncommitted). That right there is five future high-DI starters. That group can compete with any AAU team in America, I guarantee it. Not only is the team extremely talented, but it is big and deep. Every member of the 10-man group is 6'0 or bigger, with the other players being 6'0 Jordan Hulls, 6'3 Ray McCallum, 6'4 Colt Ryan, 6'2 Reginald King, and 6'1 David Blackwell. This team defeated another one of America's best teams, the U-17 squad from D-1 Sports, which has 6'4 John Wall (uncommitted) and 6'7 Noel Johnson (uncommitted). There are certainly some other U-17 teams that can run with Indiana Elite, but not many. Those that can include The Family, Team Philly, Team Melo, Team Final, Playaz Gold, Metro Hawks, Grassroots Canada Pump and Run, and DC Assault. A few of these teams might even be able to defeat Indiana Elite, yet I highly doubt that any could beat them in a five or seven game series. I'd love to see Indiana Elite take on Team Final or Playaz Gold, the squads that could probably give them the best run for their money. If you have an opinion on the matter, comment on this article and express your viewpoint.

Note- all photos are from; the top left photo is of Stephan Van Treese, the bottom left photo is of Bobby Capobianco, and the photo on the right is of Jordan Prosser

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