Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Keith "Tiny" Gallon Correction

Upon reading on and that Keith "Tiny" Gallon was considering Mississippi St., I inquired of the Oak Hill (VA) 6'9 junior whether that was the case, or if it was indeed just Mississippi. He informed me that it was Mississippi St., so I would like to correct that. Thus, I want you all to know that Gallon is considering the Mississippi St. Bulldogs, and not the Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels, as previously reported. Sorry for the mistake, and thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Wise choice by Keith Gallon. The Mississippi State University Bulldogs are quietly putting together a Big Time basketball program with the likes of Shaunessy Smith, Romero Osby,Ravern Johnson, DeMarquis Bost,and possibly Keith Gallon, the Bulldogs may well be headed to another Final Four.

The Bulldogs have won the SEC Western Division Championship an amazing 5 out of the last 7 years!

This is definitley a program "on the rise".