Monday, May 12, 2008

Upcoming Interviews:

This past weekend, I was at the Southern Jam Fest in Virginia. Thus, I was unable to get any posts up. I will, though, be getting up a number of interviews over the next few weeks. In addition to those of Dontae Johnson, DeJuan Blair, Donyell Marshall, Marcus Morris, and Markieff Morris, I conducted 10 more interviews at the tournament this weekend. The players who I spoke with were Justin Anderson '12, Robel Hurui '11, James McAdoo '11, Christian Leach '11, Keith Lumpkin '11, Reggie Bullock '10, Dion Waiters '10, Dante Taylor '09, Karron Johnson '09, and Sherrod Wright '09. Please check back for these interviews, which will be going on the site in the upcoming weeks. Thank you.

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