Monday, May 12, 2008

Poll Results:

Lance Stephenson and Doron Lamb evidently have more in common then both playing in New York. You selected those two as the best players in their respective classes. Stephenson dominated the voting on the class of 2009, picking up 24 of the 53 votes. Dominic Cheek finished a distant second with 10 votes. He was followed up by Kenny Boynton, who picked up six, after whom came John Wall, who grabbed five selections. DeMarcus Cousins and "Other" tied with three votes, and then Derrick Favors and Xavier Henry were knotted up with one vote each. Suprisngly, Renardo Sidney, the number one player on, did not receive any votes. I know that at least one of the "Other" votes was for Maalik Wayns, who is a top-notch point guard. As for the polling on the class of 2010, Doron Lamb's 10 votes barely nudged Tristan Thompson's eight votes, as the two combined for nearly half the choices, totalling 18 of the 37. Kendall Marshall and "Other" tied for third place, grabbing five votes each. Next up were DeShaun Thomas and Brandon Knight with four, followed by KC Ross-Miller with one. Jared Sullinger was not selected, and neither was Jeremy Tyler, who is ranked number one in the class of 2010 by both and Thus, Rivals' number one player in both 2009 and 2010 did not get any votes. Interestingly, the site's recently chosen top player in the class of 2008, BJ Mullens, was shut out in the voting on that class, which took place a number of weeks ago. Is there something you have against Rivals? Whether you do or do not, these polls illustrate the talent in the Big Apple, and support you choice in a previous poll of New York as the state that produces the best talent.

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