Monday, May 26, 2008

Update on . . . Derek Elston

If you recall, I recently reported that I got in touch Derek Elston's mother, who informed me that her son was "in recovery from surgery." She also told me that her son, a 6'8 junior, had his surgery on his "meniscus." On Saturday, I got in touch with the Indiana-commit himself. Derek told me that he was "feeling pretty good," but did not "remember a lot from the surgery." He informed me that his injury occurred "last Saturday [5/17/08] at [the tournament run by] Speice." Elston, who said the diagnosis was a "torn meniscus," got hurt "making a spin move [when he] just lost balance." Interestingly, Speice is actually the AAU program that the future-Hoosier plays for. His surgery was "Wednesday [5/21/08] at [about] 5:30," and he will be out of action for three months, meaning that he is "done for the year," on the grassroots circuit. Being the teammate that he is, though, Elston is "still going to go the [tournaments]."
Moving on to other news regarding Elston, I discussed the future of IU hoops with him and his part in that. I started by asking him what he thinking about new Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean bringing in so many new recruits in such a short time, and I specifically mentioned Maurice Creek. Derek had this to say: "Oh man, . . . Creek [and I] are good, we talk on facebook, getting to know each other, so I like him a lot. Plus, he's a real good player." Elston also said this: "I like [the new recruits], and [Tom Crean] has changed the program and put it in the right direction, and I can't wait to get there." Clearly, Elston has no worries about the IU program. I inquired of the class of 2009 stud whether or not he and Crean talk, and if so about what: " Yeah, just to talk and get to know each other, and lately about my knee." Derek informed me that it was he who made first contact with the new head honcho for Hoosier basketball, and not the other way around. "We talk all the time. I went down there to visit him and I call them a lot to talk, but now [since] . . . it was just recent, . . . [that I] just did hurt my knee, [we talk about that]," said Elston. The soon-to-be senior is doing physical therapy, and I will let you know how he is progressing. Derek may even be telling you himself, as he will be one of Northstar Basketball's Play Diary writers.

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