Monday, May 19, 2008

Upcoming Interviews and Updates:

In addition to numerous interviews from the Providence and Southern Jam Fests which I will be getting up over the next few weeks, I will be providing a number of updates on players, as well as featuring a few new ones all of whom I caught up with today. Those players are Wayne Newsom '10, Keith "Tiny" Gallon '09, Jayon James '10, Markus Kennedy '10, Harold Spears '10, Antonie Allen '09, Keith Lumpkin '11, James McAdoo '11, Julian Diaz '08, Ashcraf Yacoubou '11, Stevie Taylor '11, Sam Givens '08, Dee Bost '08, Erving Walker '08, Lance Goulbourne '08, and Chris Fouch '08. Of these players, three have yet to have feature articles on Northstar Basketball: Lumpkin, McAdoo, and Fouch. Interviews with Lumpkin and McAdoo will be up sometime soon, and my conversation with Fouch will be the introduction to him. In addition, I will be talking with Dontae Johnson '10 and Ryan Pearson '08 again soon, and hope to get in tough withe three more people: Dalton Pepper '09, Brandon Triche '09, and Shannon Givens '09. Please keep checking back over the next few weeks, as these updates and interviews will be going up as my time allows. Thank you!

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