Saturday, May 24, 2008

Player Diary: Stevie Taylor '11

Hey whats up? This is a day in my life. Each day I start my day off the same way. First, I wake up figuring out what I’m about to wear to school in the morning. After that I get a ride to school with my brother (Robbie). At school for me its fun because I get to see my friends and get to further my education. Everyday during my lunch period I go in the coach’s office to get a basketball and go in the gym to get some shots up by myself. While I’m there I work on free throws, pull up jumpers from both wings. After that I put my school clothes on and go to class.

My daily basketball schedule has been crazy the last couple of weeks. Normally, after school, I lift weights then Coach Vic picks me up from school and I work out at the local YMCA for a couple of hours with some of the other top guys around Columbus. We work on lots of shooting drills from every spot on the court and then we play one-on-one, three-on-three or some other games. After that, we usually go to an open gym where we get a good run for a couple of hours. After that, my brother and me either work out with Coach PJ, or my dad works us out at the high school. Because my dad has a key to the high school gym, we workout almost every day. We do skills and drills for a couple of hours then I go one-on-one with my brother a little bit. Oh yea, I’m beating my older brother now, but not all the time just yet.

I have been real busy so far this AAU season. I just got back form a tournament in Italy a number of weeks ago. We finished second and I got the tournament MVP. My team, the Ohio Basketball Club, won the Pittsburgh Jam Fest a few weeks ago and I made the all-tournament team. We lost in the elite eight the last two tournaments, then we took a two-week break from tournaments.

Tomorrow [Friday 5/23/08] we are heading down to the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in North Carolina. The competition is going to be crazy and we have some really tough teams in our pool. It looks like we got Rich Soil in our pool with my boy Najee Whitehead who played with me on Team Phenom last summer. They also got D. Grace and Tavon Sledge so you know it’s going to be hot. We get to play at Duke, NC State and maybe North Carolina.

Yesterday [Wednesday 5/21/08] my dad took me and my brother down to an open gym at the University of Dayton and we ran with the team. Those guys did not give me the basketball that much but my shot was falling when I got it. The rest of the summer is real busy. I’m going to team camps with my high school at the University of Cincinnati and Ohio State, plus some elite camps at UC, West Virginia and Akron. I may get an invitation to the Reebok Underclassmen Camp in June then I go to the NCAA First Team event in Arizona sometime in August.

Now you know whats up with my crazy schedule but you know I have to do it to make it. Well that's all for now. I will get back at you soon. Keep ballin y'all.

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