Monday, June 23, 2008

Andre Gillette-Heading to the Atlantic 10?

Neumann-Goretti (PA) was missing its biggest star, Tony Chenault '10, over the weekend at the Hoop Group Showcase, but its number two guy was in attendance. The team's tallest player, class of 2009 power forward 6'8 Andre Gillette is the secondary player on the Philadelphia basketball powerhouse. The big man came late to his team's game against Brick Memorial (NJ), but the game was already well in hand at that point, despite it still being the first half. I chatted with Andre, who scored four points in the game all of which were in the first half, after his team knocked off the Jersey public school by a score of 61-31.

NB: What schools are you currently considering?
AG: Schools in the [Atlantic] 10.

NB: Such as?
AG: St. Joe’s, Xavier, [and] Temple

NB: What about some other schools? Is there . . . anyone outside of the A-10 that you’re thinking of?
AG: Not really, I’m just focused on right now, but there’s a couple schools in the Big East like Syracuse [and] Marquette [that are] recruiting me.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
AG: Facing up, catching it in the post, facing up. I can create off a few dribbles.

NB: What’s the weakest point of your game?
AG: Strength, probably.

NB: What are you doing to work on that?
AG: I’m in the weight room for like three days a week.

NB: What do you prefer to play . . . during the summer, high basketball in these team events or AAU ball?
AG: The traveling, it gets crazy, but I don’t know, I like AAU. I like both.

NB: What about overall as a whole, . . . just the game, do prefer playing a high school style game or the AAU [game], more of the running-and-gunning?
AG: I like to run, but either way, I . . . think my game is more running.

NB: Can you give me one word to sum up your game?
AG: Finesse.

NB: What schools do you currently hold an offer from?
AG: Like I said, mostly the [Atlantic] 10.

NB: Those schools have all offered you a scholarship?
AG: Yes.

NB: Do you have any leaders at this point? . . .[Are there any] schools at the top of your list?
AG: Those who are recruiting me hardest, [which right now] would be Xavier.

NB: What do you think the chances are [that] you end up at Xavier?
AG: Seven out of ten.

NB: Do you have a dream school?
AG: I like the Big East, any school in the Big East, like Syracuse or one of them.

NB: If you could pick one school to play for, who would it be?
AG: I would like a school that’s not too big, so I would like St. Joe’s, or Temple, or Xavier.

NB: What type of coach do you want to play for?
AG: One that’ll help me individually, work on me. . . . Yeah, that’s it.

NB: What’s your favorite part of playing basketball?
AG: Favorite part of playing basketball? A team, just playing with a team, . . . team effort, I just like playing with a team.

Gillette seems to be highly interested in the Atlantic 10, and many of those schools are in Pennsylvania, and close to Philadelphia. Thus, he may not have to go far away from home for college. Despite the fact that it's not in Pennsylvania, Gillette seems to be favoring Xavier, an Ohio school. Regardless of exactly where the big man ends up, it appears that the school will likely be in the A-10.

Scouting Report on Gillette’s Game vs. Brick Memorial:

The 6’8 big man needs to add some weight to his lanky frame, and much of it will likely need to be in the form of muscle. Right not, Andre Gillette just is not big enough, though he certainly has some time to get bigger. Adding about 15 pounds would work nicely for Andre. The class of 2009 power forward is long and does a solid job of blocking shots. He is powerful and aggressive despite his lanky build. On defense, there were some times when smaller players would get offensive rebounds over him. Gillette needs to develop into more of a scorer, but he does have talent and length.

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