Monday, June 16, 2008

Poll Results:

It seems that many of Northstar Basketball's readers are fans of either the Big East or the Big 12. In the most heavily voted-on poll since I started the polling, these two conferences combined for 70 of the 95 votes cast on what conference you would want to play in if you were a big-time basketball recruit. The Big 12 was the winner, grabbing 37 choices, while the Big East was a close second with 33 votes. The Pac-10 finished in a distant third with eight votes, and the ACC was just behind it with seven choices. In a tie for fifth place were the CAA and SEC with three votes each. Then, in a four-way tie for seventh, the Atlantic-10, Big Ten, C-USA, and Patriot League all grabbed one selection. "Other" did not get any votes. In the other poll, asking which factor was the most important in an NBA Draft prospect, basketball IQ was the winner getting six of the 17 votes. Character, leadership qualities, scoring ability, and speed/quickness finished tied for second with two votes a piece. Size and college/overseas production both received a single vote, as did "Other," while defensive ability was shut out. It seems that you feel intelligence on the court surpasses everything else.

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