Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kevin Parrom- What's Done is Done

Kevin Parrom has had an interesting past few months. The former St. Raymond's (NY) star was involved in an altercation with his coach (See for details), and it seemed that Parrom was going to have to make some changes. Well, he has done so, and he was with his U-17 NY Panthers squad at the Rumble in the Bronx, where the team had a great showing. I spoke with the 6'4 junior forward before his team met and defeated the LA Dream Team (CA) in pool play.

NB: Could you discuss a little bit about the incident that happened with you recently, or do you not want to talk about that?
KP: It just happened. It could have been . . . handled a different way, but it happened. Everything happens for a reason, [I’ve] just got to move on from this.

NB: Are you and [St. Raymond’s Head] Coach [Oliver] Antigua on better terms now? Have you guys spoken since then?
KP: I haven’t spoken to him.

NB: Is that something you want to try to do, or no?
KP: I don’t want [any] bad blood with nobody, but if he wants to speak, I’ll speak. It . . . doesn’t really matter.

NB: What school are you planning on attending next year?
KP: South Kent.

NB: What went into that choice for you to go to South Kent?
KP: [Pause] It’s like a college campus. It’s going to help me get ready for college, so that was a main point. [It will be] my senior year [and it will] help me get ready for college.

NB: You mentioned colleges, what are some of the schools that you’re considering right now?
KP: Xavier, St. John’s, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Marquette, [and] South Carolina

NB: Have all those schools offered you a scholarship?
KP: Yes. . . . There are more, I just don’t feel like naming them right now.

NB: Do you have any leaders? Any top three of four schools?
KP: I plan on chopping my list down during the summer, but I . . . don’t have [any] leaders at this time.

NB: Do you know how much you’re going to cut it down, to about how many schools?
KP: I don’t know, I’m going to just decide on that during the summer, probably during August.

NB: Do you have a dream school [of] someplace you’ve always wanted to go?
KP: No, no dream school, just . . . to go to college.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
KP: My versatility, to be able to go in and out.

NB: What [is] . . . your weakest point?
KP: Defense on the perimeter, I need to improve on that.

NB: What are you looking to accomplish [during] your senior season?
KP: Become a better player every game, everyday I play, just get better over the summer.

Kevin appears to be past his struggles with Antigua. Although the situation is unfortunate, Parrom did sat that "everything happens for a reason," so maybe there will be some positive results. Evidently, Parrom had nothing blocking his concentration at the Rumble 2008, as selected his a one of the event's top performers ( Kevin Parrom is clearly talented, and as long as none of these occurrences happen again, he is poised for big things.

Scouting Report on Parrom’s Game vs. LA Dream Team:

Flat-out, Kevin Parrom didn’t show the crowd all that much in the game I saw him play. He didn’t stand out at all. The 6’4 junior was almost non-existent in first half, when he scored just three points and was only 1/3 at the free throw line. In the second 16 minutes of play, Parrom was a bit better. He drove to the hoop and was aggressive. Overall, though, this was a poor performance for Kevin, and not a great game to judge him on.

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