Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poll- My Choice

I can't really provide you with insight on one of the poll questions, as it merely asked what conference you would want to play in if you were a big-time basketball recruit, so I'll skip that one. As for the other poll, which asked what the most important factor in an NBA Draft prospect is, I can certainly provide you with my insight and opinion. You selected basketball IQ as the key factor, and while I do think that is important, I would not put it at number one. A player may have a great IQ on the hardwood, but that can't completely make up for a lack of size, speed, or even skills for that matter. At the same time, I don think that height is one of the most overrated attributes in basketball, except when it applies to pure big men. To me, great speed is not 100% vital either, as some teams primarily use halfcourt offenses. I agree with you that defensive ability is not number one either, as you didn't even give it a vote. Who plays defense in the NBA anyway other than a few select players (Shane Battier, Bruce Bowen, Marcus Camby, etc.)? Character and leadership qualities are important, but they can't be number one, because that means you would take the player with the best character or leadership qualities the highest, but what if he isn't that talented. This leaves two options from my poll: college/overseas production and scoring ability. The latter of the two, scoring ability, is important, but the NBA already has so many scorers that to me, it's not number one. Thus, I'm saying college/overseas production is tops amongst factors to consider in NBA Draft prospects. This view is certainly debatable, as many people would argue that just because a player was successful in college or in Europe does not mean he can succeed in the League. This is certainly true, but does have great size or basketball IQ guarantee success? No, nothing does. That's why, to me, players who have produced are the guys who should be taken the highest. I'm not saying that the competition a player played against should not be factored in, and nor should physical attributes. Rather, I'm just saying that if you have produced once and been successful, you can do it again. Guys like Brandon Rush who have been completely dominant, are in my opinion, premiere prospects over players such as Anthony Randolph who have size and potential. Production is the key!

Northstar Basketball's Top Five Factors in an NBA Draft Prospect:
1. College/Overseas Production
2. Basketball IQ
3. Playmaking Ability
4. Size (for big men)
5. Potential

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