Friday, June 13, 2008

Keith Lumpkin- An Athlete who Just Loves to Play

St. Peter's Prep (NJ) has a solid big man from the class of 2011 on its hands right now, in forward Keith Lumpkin, and he shines on the gridiron as well. The 6'8 big man is a top-notch football player. Keith was with the Playaz Basketball Club at the Southern Jam Fest recently, and I saw his U-17 squad take on the Petersburg Elite Stars (VA) in Gold Bracket play, a game that they won. I spoke with the two-sport phenom after the contest.

NB: What do you think [are] some of the ways that your football and basketball abilities help you to compete in both sports?
KL: It makes you work harder. In basketball, you got to sometimes foul a person hard, and in football you’re always going hard, so . . . the aggressiveness kicks in in both sports.

NB: What position do you play on the football field?
KL: I play defensive end and right tackle.

NB: Which one do you prefer?
KL: Defensive end.

NB: Why is that? . . . Is it hitting people rather than blocking [that you prefer], is that what it is?
KL: Yeah, I like to hit people instead of blocking them.

NB: What do you plan on playing in college? Is it something you’ve thought about?
KL: I’m not sure, I’m not even sure. I’m just going to weigh my options.

NB: Are there schools that are recruiting you specifically for one sport or for both sports, or is that not something that you’re even thinking about?
KL: I’m not even thinking about that right now.

NB: What schools have been showing you interest?
KL: Penn St. for football, . . . and [also] West Virginia for football.

NB: What are your opinions on those two programs?
KL: I would go there, yeah, definitely.

NB: Do you have any offers at this point?
KL: I’m not even sure.

NB: Is there a school you’ve always dreamed of playing [at] for either sport that you’ve always just wanted . . . to go to?
KL: I would have to say probably Syracuse.

NB: For [which sports]?
KL: For both sports.

NB: What makes the Orange stand out to you?
KL: I [have] always wanted to play in the Carrier Dome.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your basketball game?
KL: My drop step.

NB: [What is] your weakest point?
KL: My jump shot and my dribbling.

NB: [What is] your strongest . . . point [in] football?
KL: I’m stronger than everybody, so I’m able to blow past everybody on the line and I like to hit people.

NB: What [is] your weakest point [in] football?
KL: I’m probably a little too slow, and I got to stay low, so that’s really it.

NB: What sport do you prefer to play?
KL: I’m not sure, I like to play both. I love, just love playing both of them.

It's evident that Lumpkin just loves sports. He is the type of kid who genuinely enjoys athletics, and isn't just in it for money somewhere along the line, publicity, or popularity. Since the Southern Jam Fest, I caught up with Keith, and it seems that his recruitment has begun to heat up. Rutgers, Boston College, Pitt, Florida, Nebraska, West Virginia, UConn, North Carolina, Illinois, Penn St., and Notre Dame are all showing interest in him for football. As for basketball, Lumpkin is being looked at by Baylor, Penn St., Rutgers, Seton Hall, West Virginia, St. Joseph’s, UCLA, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Boston College. The 6'8 freshman claimed offers from Rutgers, Boston College, Pitt, Florida, Nebraska, West Virginia, UConn, North Carolina, and Illinois for football. It does seem unlikely, though, that such prestigious programs would offer a freshman a scholarship. I think it's possible that Keith may have just misinterpreted the recruitment of these schools. Either way, Lumpkin is primed for a successful career in whichever sport, or sports, he chooses, and I'm sure he will love every minute of it.

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first of all he goes to St. Peters Prep not seton hall prep; second while you where texting him asking him asking him who was actively afetr him, his A.D and head coach was standing there with Keith telling him who offered