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Renardo Sidney- What's All the Fuss About?

The award for the most disappointing player that I saw play at the Rumble in the Bronx would definitely go to Renardo Sidney, a junior power forward from Fairfax High School (CA). Sidney teamed up with Jordan Hamilton on the LA Dream Team (CA) to form one of the tournament's favorites. The squad, though, did not even win its pool. Sidney had a poor performance against the NY Panthers in what amounted the pool's championship game, and his sqaud was defeated. According to, the team did win the Silver Bracket title, though that's likely not what the boys from the Golden State were looking for when they arrived in New York. After the disappointing loss to the NY Panthers, I caught up with Sidney, one of the most highly touted players in the class of 2009.

NB: What do you think went wrong for [the team] . . . out there?
RS: We just came out and just played lazy and . . . the referee got in our head. We [are] from LA, [so] we don’t get no-- . . . they [are] in home cooking.

NB: What got you in foul trouble?
RS: Dumb fouls in front of [the] referee. I put my hands straight up and they call a foul on me. . . . I did wrong, on some plays there [were] some stupid fouls.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
RS: Right now, I got to work on . . . losing weight and just going down there in the post and being . . . big.

NB: What do you think you need to work on the most? What’s the weakest point of your game?
RS: Conditioning, once I get in condition and lose some . . . pounds, I’ll be . . . good.

NB: What do you think makes you stand out against some other big men in the country?
RS: I’m quick, I got good footwork, I’m smart, well sometimes I’m smart, and I play hard.

NB: What schools are you currently considering college-wise?
RS: Kansas, Louisville, USC, UCLA, Texas, Texas A&M, [and] Florida.

NB: What do you think the chances are that you and [your AAU teammate] Jordan [Hamilton] end up going to college together?
RS: Oh, that’s a big chance. . . . Jordan [and I] just talked the other night and we got one more year in high school, [and] we [will] just go [and] probably just make the decision together.

NB: What are you looking for in a college?
RS: I just want a team that . . . plays my style of basketball, up-and-down.

NB: What type of coach are you looking to play for, someone who is very vocal or someone who is kind of more laid back?
RS: A coach that’ll get on me when I’m . . . not doing [anything], that pushes me.

NB: With the NBA age limit, if that were something that wasn’t in place, would you consider making the jump straight to the pros [after next year]?
RS: Yes, I’d definitely make that jump because high school, . . . school-wise it’s just . . . hurting me, but I’d like to go to college, get that one year.

NB: Who are you saying might be a part of that package deal [that you are trying to work out with colleges]?
RS: Antonio Bigelow, Kawad [Leonard], . . . Eric [Swoopes], me, Lance [Stephenson], and then we got to find another big [man], oh and Jordan [Hamilton], might be Jordan.

NB: What are the schools recruiting all of you?
RS: Everybody . . . actually is recruiting us, but we just got to come as one and then pick the school we want to go to.

NB: What do you think the likelihood of that [package deal] happening is?
RS: I really don’t know right now. . . . Catch me next year.

Renardo's game against the NY Panthers did not lead me to believe that he should be thought of as even close to one of the best players in his class. The junior big man play lazily for most of the contest, and quite frankly, didn't do much. He could certainly develop into something special, as he has great height, and if he loses some weight he could be more affective. As of now, though, I'd consider Renardo Sidney to be one of the most overhyped players in the nation.

Scouting Report on Sidney's Game vs. NY Panthers:

After watching Renardo Sidney play, I was left wondering what makes him so special, as he did basically nothing against the NY Panthers. Yeah, he grabbed a few boards and scored some points, but he was not even close to dominant, and was not even remotely close to backing up his reputation, which is about as large as he is. Speaking of size, Sidney either needs to shed 15 or 20 pounds or just work on his endurance, stamina, and agility. The junior big man didn’t run back to play defense all that often, and even when he did, he seemed lazy and at some points uninterested. At points, he didn’t even jump for rebounds. As well, Sidney complained about referees’ calls, appeared tired even during the first half, fouled a lot, was even at halfcourt for free throws sometimes. In the second half, after Sidney fouled out, I didn’t even notice that the big man was off the floor, though that may be hard to believe. That explains just how nonexistent he was throughout the contest. There were some positives that the highly regarded big man did display in the game against the NY Panthers. First off, Sidney is a good free throw shooter and puts a lot of arc on his shots from the stripe. His has a solid handle and a stellar form on his jumper. Renardo was certainly aggressive at times, and even dove on the floor for the ball at least once. In the second half, for the little bit that he was in, the Fairfax High School star seemed to play better, as he was jumping more, and thus grabbed more rebounds. Overall though, Sidney wasn’t even one of the two best players on the floor . . . for his own team.

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