Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sherrod Wright- New to the Playaz, Not New to the Spotlight

Playaz Basketball Club (NJ) is one of the premiere AAU programs on the east coast, and the organization added a star junior recently. Sherrod Wright of Mt. Vernon (NY), a 6'3 guard, began playing with the Playaz, and he will only help their already stacked U-17 team that features players such as Dominic Cheek of St. Anthony's (NJ) and Brian Oliver of Oak Hill Academy (VA). I had a chance to speak with Wright at the Southern Jam Fest, and took the opportunity to discuss his game, his recruitment, and more.

NB: What led you to play for the Playaz this weekend? Have you been playing for them [for] all [of the] AAU season?
SW: Oh yeah, I just started [the] . . . AAU season. I was playing with [the] Metro [Hawks] first for one tournament, and then something happened, so I just decided I’m going to play with [the Playaz] for good now.

NB: Why the Playaz over some of the other AAU programs? What made them stand out to you as the best possible option?
SW: Oh no, I always wanted to play with the Playaz before because “Cheeks” [Dominic Cheek] . . . [and I are] good friends, and he was always like ‘Oh, come play for the Playaz,’ but I was loyal to the Westchester Hawks, but our team went down this year, the last couple years and we didn’t have a strong team, and I was like ‘I want to win championships this year,’ so I decided I’d come play with “Cheeks.”

NB: What do you think you add to the team?
SW: [A] little bit of everything, yeah, basically a little bit of everything. I bring more slashing ability [and help] . . . from the perimeter, stuff like that, I [am] . . . another two-guard, really.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
SW: My mid-range [game] and my slashing ability, my ability to create for my other teammates and for myself.

NB: [What is] your biggest weakness?
SW: I’d say my handle [is] my biggest weakness and [my] long-range [game] a little bit, but . . . mainly [my] handle, but I’m getting stronger with that, but basically [that].

NB: As of now, have you committed to a college, and if . . . not, what schools are you considering?
SW: Right now, I’m open with any schools, really. Virginia offered me, that’s why I came down here this weekend. Georgia Teach offered me [a scholarship], [as well as] Xavier and UMass. The rest of them just got interest [for me], so I’m just open mainly. [I’m not] committed to any college, . . . I’m just going to see how it is, see a couple campuses, [find out] academic-wise how the school’s going, and just go from there.

NB: What are some of the other schools that are recruiting you and showing you interest?
SW: Marquette, Syracuse, Pitt, Wake Forest, [North Carolina] St., Florida, Rutgers, Seton Hall, [and] Wisconsin. That’s all I can think of right now.

NB: Do you have a leader at the point? . . . A top choice?
SW: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no top choices yet.

NB: Do you have a dream school, someone you’ve always wanted to play for?
SW: My dream school was North Carolina because I was born there.

NB: If they were to start showing you interest in you, . . . what would your opinion on that be?
SW: I don’t know really. . . . If they [are] not going to show interest really, then I’m not going to really ride it like that, but if they do, then we’ll see how it goes.

NB: Do you have a timetable for when you plan to commit?
SW: Oh no, no. . . . I think I’m most likely, knowing me, I’m going to commit late.

Sherrod may be a new member of the prestigious Playaz organization, but he is certainly not new to the spotlight that comes with being a part of a quality basketball program. Playing for the famous Bob Cimmino at Mt. Vernon has likely has prepared him for the pressures that will come with not only being a member of the Playaz, but for the college game as well. It seems that Wright will likely end up in the Big East, ACC, or A-10. He will have to continue to work on his game to be successful in the NCAA. I'm sure, though, that playing with Mt. Vernon and the Playaz will only help him to succeed.

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