Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Poll- My Choice

In one of the polls last week, I asked you to pick the best program right now between the St. Anthony's Friars (NJ), the St. Benedict's Gray Bees (NJ), and the St. Patrick's Celtics (NJ). The programs, led by Bob Hurley, Danny Hurley, and Kevin Boyle respectively, are three of the best in America. Now to me, the "best program right now" would mean that overall, the program, not just the current team, is the best. That means that it's done well in the recent past and poised to do well in the not-too-distant future. All three have a rich history, so that criteria is out the window, though St. Ant's probably does have a bit of a leg up up. Anyway, it's so hard to pick between the three because of just how amazing all of them are. I'm going to rule a teams out, to start, thus narrowing the choices down to just two. I'll get rid of the Friars first. Yes, the team won the national title last year and went undefeated, but other than that it hasn't been all fun in the sun for Bob Hurley's boys. Prior to last year, St. Anthony's was certainly the third of the three in terms of how well the squads were doing, specifically during the 21st century. As well, the future doesn't look great for the Friars, as their starting lineup next year will lack a quality point guard, and whoever does start at that spot, will likely be not even close to the level of the other 14 starters the schools will have. The Friars will start Ashton Pankey '10, Devon Collier '10, and Dominic Cheek '09, all of whom are superstars. Jamee Jackson '09 will start as well, but he is not quite up to the level of the other three. I really don't even know who Bob Hurley's fifth starter will be. Let's move on to the final two, the Gray Bees and the Celtics. It's so hard to choose between the two. There is no right choice, as both of them, and St. Ant's, can have a powerful argument for the spot. I'm going to go with St. Patrick's. The Gray Bees were better than them last year, beating them at the Prime Time Shootout, and finishing with only one loss, but prior to that it was a lot of push and shove between the two, with St. Pat's usually pushing a little bit harder. As for next year, the Celtics seem to have a better roster from top to bottom. Not only will they be deeper, they will be just flat-out better. Thus, I'm putting aside the Gray Bees' better season from last year, and giving the nod to St. Patrick's.

Northstar Basketball's Top Three Programs in New Jersey Right Now:
1. St. Patrick's Celtics
2. St. Benedict's Gray Bees
3. St. Anthony's Friars

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Nothingnew said...

I have a little different view of the 3 schools...First, you say things havn't been so good for the Friars during the 21 century, have you forgotten they won the NJ TOC in 2001, 2002, 2004 as well as 2008? Also, I agree Jamee Jackson is not on the level Dominic Cheek is on -but other than Dexter Strickland,nobody in Jersey is. Pankey, Collier, Jackson and Derrick Williams SHOULD MAKE ST. ANTS FRONT COURT THE BEST IN NJ. I mean, I personally don't think Markus Kennedy of St. Pats is as good as Jackson right now, nor do I think super soph Gilchrist is as good as Pankey at the moment. Maybe its a push with St. Ants Collier and St. Pats Paris Bennett because I see no significant edge either way. As for Cheek and Strickland..I think a fair, strong argument could be made for either being the best in NJ, they are both so effective at what they do it's hard to say who has a edge. Where St. Pats does have an edge is at the PG position Kyrie Erving is a stud in the making yet Elijah Carter ,Devon Mcleod or Willie Vaughn for SA are respectable players; They didn't play alot last year because of the super-backcourt on the SA's squad. Kevin Boyle jr saw alot of time last season but he is no better playing than any of the three SA guards working for that PG spot in 2008/09.

You fail to mention SP success over the Friars has been primarily during the era where they had Corey and Jeff Robinson at the helm - they were clearly the best players on the court at the time...I'm not so sure who has that edge in 2008/09.

Now St. Benedicts has the best backcourt of the 3 with Tamir Jackson,Lamar Patterson and Myck Kabongo not to mention probably the #1 player in the 2010 class FWD.Tristan Thompson.

I think SP has the most continuity considering they have 4 of their top 7 players returning and they just added Kyrie Irving to the mix but as far as talent is concerned...I think SB and SA have the edge in 2008/09.

It's extremely close between the 3but I'd go

1.) St. Benneys 2.) St. Ants and 3.) St. Pats.

2008-09 should be a great one for these 3 teams in NJ.