Friday, June 20, 2008

Jordan Hamilton- "Smooth"

The LA Dream Team (CA) had a sub-par performance in their loss in pool play at the Rumble in the Bronx. Jordan Hamilton, Renardo Sidney, and Co. were knocked off by the NY Panthers and were outplayed from start to finish. Hamilton, a junior swingman from Dominguez (CA) did what he could in the second half to keep his team in it, but his shot just would not go in. Although he didn't have great showing, his talent was obvious. Following his squad's defeat at the hands of the NY Panthers, I caught up with the highly-regarded offensive weapon.

NB: What do you think went wrong . . . out there for you guys? Why weren’t you guys able to pick up the win?
JH: Well, we [are] not used to this heat . . . [in] California, but that’s no excuse. We still should have come out an executed. We came to the game late also, but we just came out [and] they played harder. I don’t think they were the better team, but they did play much harder?

NB: Why wasn’t your shot falling today? Was it something in your motion?
JH: As a matter of fact, I hurt my shoulder in the last game. . . . I banged it up pretty bad, but I’m going to come back tomorrow, and I think we are going to pull out the tournament [for a win].

NB: Do you have a diagnosis on that shoulder [of] what the injury is, or is it just hurting?
JH: Oh, no it just happened [in the] last game. . . . I didn’t really feel pain after the game, but as I was playing, as I was raising it up, I kind of felt it.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
JH: My strongest point is coming off the dribble, pushing it up court. Most guys wouldn’t think I would push it up court, but sometimes I can run the one, let my guards get out on the wings and I can kick it out to them so they can get open shots and get layups.

NB: What [is] . . . your weakest point?
JH: My weakest point right now is just guarding smaller people and guarding quicker people because usually I’m used to guarding the post, but I’m trying to get up there, and I’m trying to guard the wing.

NB: What position to you feel most comfortable at?
JH: The three and the two. . . . Most definitely, yeah.

NB: What schools are you currently considering?
JH: Texas, Syracuse, UConn, Kansas, Cal, and USC.

NB: A lot of people have been saying that you’re a big Texas lean. What’s the truth on that?
JH: Well, my options are still open. I . . . didn’t commit or anything like that, but I do like Texas. It’s [in] a great city. I had a chance to take an unofficial [visit] and I thought the coaches were great. The players were great, and they have a very young team, and I think . . . if I was to go there, I would make a big impact.

NB: When do you plan on starting to take official visits?
JH: I’m going to start [in] maybe December, October, and November probably.

NB: When do you think you’re going to end up committing? Is there a timetable?
JH: Right, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do yet, but . . . when I do, I’ll let you know.

NB: What are some of the goals that you have for your senior season?
JH: Right now, just wining our league, winning our tournaments that we play in, winning CIS section, and then wining states.

NB: What’s it like for you putting on the jersey at that school [Dominguez in California]? It’s a prestigious high school basketball program. What’s that like for you?
JH: Well, Tyshaun Chandler and Tayshuan Prince came out of there, Bobby Jones, Kenny Brunner, Brandon Jennings went there for a while. I just think that they have great guys that go there, and I just think that I can be the next big thing coming out.

NB: Do you ever feel there’s too much pressure on you because of that, or do . . . you to deal with all that?
JH: Not at all, I like to live up to the hype and I’m going to live up to the hype, keep on working on my game, executing, and I’m [going to] do have to do what I have to do.

NB: Who would you compare your game to?
JH: Most people say Carmelo Anthony and Josh Shipp.

NB: What do you say?
JH: I’ll say Carmelo Anthony.

NB: Since he went to Syracuse, is that something that may bring you to Syracuse as well?
JH: Well, I like Syracuse a lot. [The school has a] great coach, Hall of Fame coach, and if I was to go there, I was told that I could make a great impact. They have a young team also, and they have great players.

NB: Give me one word to sum up your game.
JH: I would have to say smooth.

I completely agree with the word that Hamilton chose: "smooth." The junior is extremely athletic and quite flashy. He has a nice shooting motion and just an overall pretty game. Even though he struggled in the loss, you could sense that there was something special about him. His game is "smooth" and he has great talent and athleticism. Jordan Hamilton may be a star in the making.

Scouting Report on Hamilton’s Game vs. NY Panthers:

Although Hamilton definitely had an off game against the NY Panthers, it was evident why people are so enamored with the junior swingman. Although Jordan was lazy getting back on defense, and was even lazy points when he was back, it was evident that his has the ability to more than make up for that at the other end of the floor, though the defensive issues are still somewhat troubling. On offense, he attacked the basket quite well and displayed a nice handle. Some of Hamilton’s passes were overly flashy, and he is a big fan of the alley-oop, whether it be on the passing or catching end. Jordan has good height and length, and his extreme athleticism was apparent. He has nice ups, aggressiveness, and just that “it” factor that you can’t really pinpoint, though it certainly relates to his supreme athletic ability. Hamilton complained to the refs at different points during the game, and also did not always jump for rebounds. Although his shot was off from start to finish, he demonstrated a nice stroke. As well, he continued to shoot even when he kept missing, a positive trait in a quality shooter and scorer. Hamilton struggled at the free throw line, though that, like his shooting from the field, may have been a result of his injured shoulder. Hamilton did not do anything outstanding, yet due to his phenomenal athleticism, he clearly has great potential.

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