Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tyreek Duran- Working Out Pays Off

Tyreek Duran, a 6'2 guard for Neumann-Goretti (PA), was his team's top player in its win over Brick Memorial (NJ) at the Hoop Group Showcase. Duran showed off his nice ability to get to the rack, and translated it into a 17-point performance. Although his teammate Tony Chenault '10 is more highly regarded than him, Duran is definitely working to improve his game. I spoke with Tyreek after his team's win in the game over Brick.

NB: In the first half, . . . you had fifteen points, [but] only two in the second half. Why [did] you cool off so much?
TD: Just to slow the game down. [I] didn’t have to do as much in the second half, so I just got other people involved.

NB: What were you doing in the first half to keep on scoring?
TD: Just putting pressure on the guards, easy opportunities leak out, and just run the offense basically.

NB: What do you consider to be the strongest point of your game?
TD: My dribble drive.

NB: What [is] . . . your weakest [point]?
TD: Probably my jump-shot.

NB: What are you doing to . . . try to improve your jump-shot?
TD: Just work out like two, three times a week?

NB: Do you have a specific routine that you use when you work out?
TD: Not really. . . . It depends on who I’m working out with.

NB: Do you prefer to work out by yourself or with other people?
TD: With other people.

NB: Who are some of the people that you’ve worked out with?
TD: Tony Chenault [and] Dion Waiters.

NB: What’s it like for you working out with some of those other guys, either teammates [such as Chenault] or non-teammates [such as Waiters]? What can they add to your game?
TD: It’s just different styles. I see how they workout, and it’s like motivation for me to work out harder.

NB: What schools are you currently considering?
TD: Right now, Providence, Georgetown, and I think Robert Morris. They [contacted] me the other day.

NB: Have all three of those schools offered you a scholarship?
TD: Not yet, . . . so far I haven’t [received an offer]. I think Miami is supposed to offer me a scholarship.

NB: Miami-Florida or Miami-Ohio?
TD: Florida.

NB: What are some other schools that have shown interest in you?
TD: St. Joe’s, and that’s about it off the top of my head that I can name.

NB: Do you have a dream school?
TD: Probably Georgetown.

NB: Why Georgetown?
TD: Because Allen Iverson [went there].

NB: Is Allen Iverson your favorite player?
TD: He’s one of them.

NB: What do you as some of the similarities between your game and his game?
TD: His ability to get in the lane with ease.

NB: Who are some of your other favorite players?
TD: Kobe Bryant.

NB: What are some of your similarities with him?
TD: None really, he’s just a crazy player, too good.

NB: When you watch Iverson and Bryant, do you try to emulate some of what they do and use that in your game, or do you just try to play the way you play?
TD: Just play the way I play. I look at it as, you can only play your game, you can’t really play like anyone else.

NB: Talk about your game. What exactly is [your] game?
TD: Just fast-paced, never slowing down, one speed.

NB: Where does you loved for basketball come from?
TD: Probably just the city of Philadelphia. I grew up playing.

Duran, a good ball handler with a smooth crossover, is evidently trying to make himself a better ballplayer. Working out with high-caliber players such as Chenault and Waiters will only improve his game. Chenault has been considered one of the premiere players in his class even before reaching high school, while Waiters has already committed to Syracuse. The two class of 2010 star guards will be key parts in the development process for Duran. The Neumann-Goretti guard will continue to work on his game during his high school career, and before you know it, Tyreek Duran just might be one of the best guards in the Northeast.

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