Sunday, June 8, 2008

Poll- My Choice

In my choice on the other poll on who should be the top choice in the '08 NBA Draft, my answer was simple: Kansas St. freshman forward Michael Beasley. When I have to pick who I think will be the number one pick, though, the selection is not as easy to make. There are pros and cons to both possible choices, Beasley and Derrick Rose, a freshman point guard from Memphis. There is an issue, that may well affect the draft grade of Beasley. It is his supposed attitude problem, which is displayed by the fact that he bounced around to numerous high schools. He did keep his "attitude" in check in his single season at KSU. The Chicago Bulls, who have the top choice in the June 26th Draft, will likely just take whichever player they think will be more valuable to them. Both would add a new element to the Bulls' game, regardless of who is coaching this proud franchise. Chicago certainly needs interior firepower, as the team lacks a true post presence on offense. Right now, the squad's big men are average at best, and it's unclear what 2007 first round pick Joakim Noah will turn into. Their guard situation is interesting as the Bulls have Chris Duhon, Ben Gordon, and Kirk Hinrich already. Duhon clashed with management last year and is dispensable. The production of both Hinrich and Gordon has progressively dropped off during their time in the Windy City, and adding another guard may be useful. Reinsdorf and Co. to pass up on. My opinion on the matter may well change in the next few weeks as the draft gets closer and closer, but as of now, I'm saying Derrick Rose will be the first overall choice in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls.

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