Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Andrew Madlinger- Sophomore With a Sweet Stroke

Ridge (NJ) did not have a terrific performance at the Prime Time Shootout, but there was certainly a bright spot for the squad. Andrew Madlinger, a 6'2 sophomore swingman for Ridge, had his talents on display in a loss to Plainfield (NJ). Madlinger had 17 points, draining four threes and going three of four from the free throw line. Madlinger was easily Ridge's most impressive player. I had the opportunity to talk with Andrew after the game.

NB: [That was] a tough loss for [the team]. What happened out there? . . . You guys seemed to struggle to stop some of their scorers.
AM: Yeah, we came out pretty slow, just . . . probably [because of] the atmosphere and everything, it’s . . . a new experience for our team. . . . We’re pretty young, so we had to step it up, and we didn’t really take charge of our positives, like [that] we . . . were bigger inside, but we didn’t really exploit it, and we just came out real slow, that’s overall [the] down point.

NB: Is this your [team’s] first time playing on such a big stage?
AM: Yeah, this is our first time.

NB: You’re still a sophomore, but have you begun thinking about colleges? . . . [Are there] any colleges sending you mail, or not at this point?
AM: No, nothing so far.

NB: Are you interested in playing college basketball?
AM: Yeah, if I had the opportunity, I’d probably go after it.

NB: Is there a school [that] you’ve always wanted to go to [while] growing up, . . . a school you’ve rooter for?
AM: No, there’s no school. . . . No.

NB: How [has the team] . . . been doing so far this season?
AM: We’re 15 and 4 actually, and we’re in the semifinals of our conference [tournament], . . . and that’s the first time we’ve been there in 31 years, so it’s looking pretty good for us.

NB: What’s your outlook for the rest of the season?
AM: I think we . . . have a pretty good shot in our Counties, it’s like some higher seeded losses, and we have a shot to [be] playing for [the opportunity to be] conference champs, so it’s looking pretty good.

NB: How were you able to keep knocking on down those threes tonight?
AM: I don’t know, I just needed to step up, somebody’s got to take charge, and it was [my turn] tonight.

Every team needs a sharpshooter, and Madlinger fits that mold, if his performance at the Prime Time Shootout was any indication. Andrew had a nice stroke and good form, and his height, 6'2, is nice for a shooter in his grade. If Madlinger grows another two or three inches, he could be a very dangerous player. Either way, he is a player that--based off how he played against Plainfield--could project to a quality DII or DIII school, or possibly even a low-major school at the DI level. Remember, every team needs a shooter, and Andrew Madlinger is just that.

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