Monday, March 24, 2008

Lorenzo Freeman- BMOC Now, but Where To Next?

Trenton Central High School (NJ) is one of the premiere public schools in Central New Jersey for hoops. This year's squad featured a 6'6 senior center by the name of Lorenzo Freeman. Although Freeman did not have a terrific performance at the Prime Time Shootout in a match-up against Christ the King (NY), he and his fellow Tornadoes did have a great season. After the loss to CTK, I spoke with Lorenzo.

NB: That was a tough game, . . . hard loss. What are some [bright] spots you did see from your performance [in] that game as a team?
LF: I’d say overall we played [well]. We came back, really, and then we just let it fall away. It was a big court, and we really had to get our spacing down [pat], but overall I think we played [well].

NB: How do you think this is going to affect your upcoming game against [The] Pennington [School] for the Mercer County Tournament? [Do you] think this will give [the team] . . . some more motivation to go out there and perform?
LF: Yeah, I think we [are] going to be real hungry next game, real hungry.

NB: What’s your outlook for the Mercer County Tournament? . . . What [is the team] . . . looking to accomplish there?
LF: We hope to accomplish [making] the semifinals at least, at least make it to the championship, that’s our goal, to make it to the championship.

NB: Are you . . . excited to possibly play against Trenton Catholic . . . in the championship game?
LF: Yes, yes, yes, excited, real excited. We wanted to play them during the regular season, but it didn’t happen.

NB: How was it playing on this real big stage at the Prime Time Shootout?
LF: It’s kind of different, [there’s] a lot more space in here, you have to get your spacing opportunities, but I got used to it, it was okay.

NB: Have you made a college decision, or are you still weighing your options?
LF: Nah, I’m still looking, still looking for one.

NB: Do you have any schools . . . at the top of your list, or not really?
LF: Not really.

I talked with Lorenzo Freeman again tonight, and we discussed his future on the court and where he will be headed. Lorenzo informed me that he currently does not hold any offers, and thus "might have to do a year of post-grad," and will likely be headed to "either Peddie or APEX," though he is "favoring Peddie." In addition, Freeman mentioned that Rider is the only college to have shown him interest thus far, and his year at the a prep school would be increase interest in him. Freeman told me that he would "like to go to Rider or George Mason." Lorenzo is a senior, and he has applied to Kansas State, Rhode Island, and Central Connecticut State, though he has not heard back from any of them, and even if he does get in to one or more of them, he "still might PG." As well, he let me know that his squad won the Mercer County Tournament, defeating Trenton Catholic by one point. The squad handily defeated Pennington in their first round game, so apparently the team was psyched up to recover from the loss, just as Lorenzo expected. I'll be sure to keep you posted on where Trenton Central's "Big Man on Campus" takes his game.

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