Monday, March 24, 2008

Kevin Phillip- Headed to Drexel

Bishop Loughlin (NY) had a senior star this year, and he's headed to the CAA to play for the Drexel Dragons next year. Kevin Phillip is 6'7 senior forward for the Lions, and he's excited to be a part of the Drexel program for his college career. Kevin's team knocked off Trenton Catholic (NJ) at the Prime Time Shootout, and although Bishop Loughlin sophomore Doron Lamb was the star of the contest, Phillip had a stellar game. After the win, Kevin was kind enough to talk with me for a few minutes.

NB: You guys had a big win out there, you performed very well. How were you able to come away with that big victory?
KP: We just worked hard, that’s all we got to do this year, . . . work hard, and have a lot energy, have a lot of support. . . . We [are] still the youngest team in the country, I think, and we [are] working real hard to show that everybody’s sleeping on us, and now that we [are] on the map, everybody’s trying to come at us, everybody . . . since he beginning of the year [has] been saying ‘oh, Bishop Loughlin’s the same old team.’ Then we started winning, [and] everybody wants to come after us now, and I think we [are] going to do pretty [well] this year.

NB: You’ve committed to Drexel. How did you make the decision to go to Drexel over . . . the other schools that were looking at you?
KP: I think it was a pretty good choice for me. I like the team chemistry, I know a lot of the players there, I know Jamie [Harris], I know Gerald [Colds] , and I know Frank [Elegar], and . . . Tony [Chiles] is a great assistant coach, and Coach [James “Bruiser”] Flint is a good head coach. So, I think I’ll do pretty [well] . . . there, too.

NB: Are you excited to be playing in the CAA against a lot of other kids from New York who will also be in there?
KP: Oh yeah, of course.

NB: What are you most excited [for] about playing college basketball?
KP: [Pause] A learning experience, I’m trying to learn everything I can. Everybody’s trying to make it to the top. Everybody asks me ‘why didn’t go [to] West Virginia, why didn’t you go here, why didn’t you go there?’ [It] doesn’t matter where you go, if you’re a pro, you’re a pro, you [are] going . . . [to] have to work on your game, and . . . [however] much work you put in, is what you [are] going to have when [you] come out.

NB: What do you think you need to work on the most in college?
KP: My post [play] and my perimeter [play]. I’m a pretty good post player, and I’m a pretty good perimeter player, but I just, I’m trying to get better with everything. Everything that . . . They [are] willing to teach me, I’m willing to do.

NB: What’s your goal for you college career?
KP: Average a double-double and try to take a championship this year . . . This year I want to get that 100 points in free Philly cheese steaks.

NB: What are you majoring in at Drexel?
KP: I didn’t make up my mind, but it’s either going to be business or engineering.

I recently spoke with Kevin, and we discussed his senior season accomplishments, college, and more. Kevin told me that he was a Third Team All-Catholic League (CHSAA) selection, and that "it's [his] first time in three years [while] in the Catholic League [that he was an All-League selection]." Kevin also said that he "worked hard for it [and] everybody said [he] earned it."
As well, Kevin told me that he feels he "does a pretty good job rebounding and blocking shots," also saying that he "could do more athletically." Phillip will be "playing the 3" during his time as a Dragon, which is a position that suits his size and frame. Speaking of Drexel, Phillip mentioned that "the chemistry of the coaches [is] real cool, . . . they'll tell you everything as it is," which was a main reason, along with the school's new area, as to why he selected Drexel over other schools that he was considering. According to Kevin, the colleges that were looking at him were "West Virginia, Xavier, George Washington, Drexel of course, South Carolina, [and] UMass." Drexel's lone unsigned commit is Rice guard Chris Fouch, and of Chris, Kevin told me that he "is a great shooter," adding that Drexel needs "a great outside shooter." Kevin was not worried that Fouch is currently unsigned, saying that "he's going to sign, most definitely." The senior forward's response to my question of the main way that he can help Drexel to rebound from their rough season was the following: "What I feel I can do for Drexel coming up, is bringing a lot of energy. I love competition, and I don't give up for nothing, and I can also contribute on both sides of the court, especially on the [defensive] side. I feel that defense starts the offense, and if you can stop people by playing great defense, you can start a great offense." One thing that Phillip is especially excited about is the possibility of free cheese steaks while at Drexel, like he mentioned in the interview. What is he talking about you say? "Everytime we get 100 points, it's free Philly cheese steaks! I was at a game when they played against [Towson], and a Drexel fan who sat behind me said that Drexel hasn't gotten 100 points in a while. So, we're going to be getting 100 points in a lot of games, because I love cheese steaks." Kevin is clearly pumped up for the opportunity to be a Drexel Dragon, and Drexel has got to be excited to have this high-quality player, and person for that matter, to be attending the school next year.

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