Friday, March 21, 2008

Isaiah Armwood- Tough Loss, Bright Future

Montrose Christian (MD) is where Kevin Durant of the Seattle SuperSonics played his last year of high school basketball, and the Mustangs have replaced the star with a number of top-notch players. Leading the way for the Mustangs are a trio of talented juniors: 6'8 Isaiah Armwood, 6'7 Terrell Vinson, and 6'7 Tristan Spurlock. The three stars were not enough to beat Paterson Catholic (NJ) at the Prime Time Shootout, but the group definitely has a bright future to look towards. I dsicussed this potential, amongst other topics, with Isaiah Armwood after the loss.

NB: That was a tough loss . . . out there. What do you think went wrong?
IA: We just, when it comes down to it, we just didn’t hit shots. . . . We got to play better defense on their guards.

NB: What do you think [the team] . . . could have done to neutralize their guards? . . . What type of defense would you have wanted to run to help that out?
IA: It was just tough, that point guard killed us, we had nobody that could stop him, nobody at all, nobody.

NB: With you, Terrell [Vinson], and Tristan [Spurlock] all being juniors, what hope do you have for next year when you [three] are all seniors? You could be one of the top teams in the nation. What are you looking [towards] for next year, or are you still [only] thinking about this year?
IA: Yeah, I’m looking forward to the end of this year, but I’m very excited about next year, very excited.

NB: What do you think . . . [the team] is going to be able to accomplish next season?
IA: Hopefully a national championship, hopefully.

NB: There’s a lot of hype surrounding you three, three great juniors, do you ever get overwhelmed? . . . Does it take up a lot of your time? . . . [Is it ever too hard] to handle?
IA: Not really, I don’t pay it that much [attention], not really. I don’t pay it that much [attention].

NB: You’re . . . a junior, but have you committed to a college yet, and if not, are there any schools that you’ve been really considering, or are you just weighing your options right now?
IA: I’m not really thinking about it because the season is going on.

NB: You’re just enjoying high school?
IA: Yeah.

NB: What’s your favorite part about playing high school basketball?
IA: It’s the excitement, the excitement.

NB: What’s your favorite team to play against?
IA: Probably Oak Hill.

Armwood did not have a good game against Paterson Catholic, but there is certainly cause for optimism with this young man and his team. Armwood is a highly regarded player, and he could have a terrific senior season. Assuming Isaiah does have a fantastic year in his last season at the high school level, and his other talented teammates do as well, Montrose Christian will be a force to be reckoned with. Head Coach Stu Vetter will have his Mustangs on pace to compete for a national title, an accomplishment that Armwood would certainly love, and the team has the talent to make it happen.

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