Friday, March 14, 2008

Chris Braswell- There's More to Life Than Basketball

A major part of the championship team from Hargrave Military Academy was senior Chris Braswell. The 6'8 power forward will be taking his game to Georgetown next year, where he and Greg Monroe, another Hoya recruit, will look to fill the void that will be left by 7-footer Roy Hibbert. Braswell was a key component in his team's national championship game victory over Findlay College Prep (NV), scoring 16 points and grabbing 11 boards in 35 minutes of play, and blocking Findlay's Curtis Dennis as time ran out, to seal the victory. After the big win, I had a chance to talk with Chris.

NB: [You had a] big block at the end. How were you able to get that block [to] steal the victory?
CB: I feel as though it’s my role to play defense on this part of the end and try to get a block, try not to foul, and get a rebound, try to finish out the game.

NB: At the end of the game Findlay was coming back, you guys pulled through. . . . How were you guys able to maintain focus to come away with that victory, when . . . they were hitting their threes, knocking it down?
CB: We’ve been through battles all this year. All we had to do was come out and play like we did all year, and play against other teams like we did, just like we played against this team, to finish out with a win.

NB: What does it mean to be the national champion?
CB: It feels great. To go off to college, for all of us to go off to college, . . . [to] be able to get a ring, . . . that’s great for us.

NB: How about having an undefeated season?
CB: Oh, that’s great. We [are] the first in Hargrave [history] to go undefeated, and this [is] the first team to come here and win a national championship.

NB: Do you think this could help Hargrave kind of shake [its] reputation . . . [as] more of a football school? Because [when] a lot of people think of Hargrave [they] think football. What is this going to do for you guys as a basketball program?
CB: I mean, it’s going to set us high standards, it’s always going to put a target on Hargrave’s back when we come to this tournament, or when we play in any other games. As far as our football team, our football team got a target on their back too.

NB: You’re heading to Georgetown next year. What’s your approach going to be entering college next season?
CB: My approach is to get good grades and play my role on the team, that’s all I need to do. This is what Coach [John Thompson III] asked me to do, come in and play my role, and be a good player, and try to finish out school at Georgetown.

NB: How’d you pick Georgetown over all the schools looking at you?
CB: I mean, I had [a] top five, and I decided that it’s going to be close to home, try to stay in the area.

NB: Any goals for your college career, or you’re not thinking about that yet?
CB: I’m going to major in business, I’m going to try to major in business.

NB: What about basketball-wise?
CB: Basketball-wise I’m going to try to play my role, and if I got to do all four years, I’ll do all four years. If I come out earlier, I come out earlier.

NB: So you definitely have a goal to be in the NBA eventually?
CB: Oh yeah, I have a goal, but my second plan is to be in business. Well, my first plan is to be in business.

NB: Any specific type, or whatever comes [around]?
CB: Oh yeah, I plan on having my own clothing design [business].

Braswell evidently has a good head on his shoulders. The big man has a lofty goal in wanting to make the NBA, but knows that there has to be other options. In fact, Braswell even corrected himself at one point, to say that a job in business would be his first life plan. An education at Georgetown should be a great help to Braswell, and his polished come-across makes it clear that Chris deserves his spot on the Georgetown campus, and that he is not just there through his incredible basketball ability. Chris Braswell is truly a student-athlete, and he is likely to continue to be successful as one for years to come.

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