Monday, March 24, 2008

Jayvaughn Pinkston- It's All About the Team

Jayvaughn Pinkston of Bishop Loughlin (NY) was one of the premiere sophomores at the Prime Time Shootout. Pinkston, a 6'6 forward, had a stellar game in a victory over Trenton Catholic (NJ). Jayvaughn did not fill up the stat sheet, and as you'll be able to tell by the interview write-up, that may well be because to him, it's all about the team. Here is what the conversation after the game between Pinkston and I looked like.

NB: [That] was a big win out there. [The team] pretty much dominated from start to finish. How were you able to have such a big performance?
JP: Because we [were] much bigger and stronger than they were.

NB: You’re just a sophomore, [but you] played so well on this big stage. How were you able to step your game up?
JP: Because it’s a crowd, and you got to rise to the occasion when your name is being called.

NB: [Does the team] have any goals to finish off the season? . . . What do you guys want accomplish?
JP: Just go on and try to win the Catholic League.

NB: What about personally?
JP: Personally, I don’t really have no goals like that, but just to play hard.

NB: You’re a sophomore, but have you begun thinking about colleges yet?
JP: Yes.

NB: What schools have you been considering, or [are] at the top of your list?
JP: Memphis, Florida, St. John’s, [and] Syracuse.

NB: Have you ever had a school that [while] growing up, you’ve always wanted to play for, or just whoever shows you the most interest?
JP: Whoever shows me more interest.

Pinkston is a highly-regarded player, but it seems he's much more concerned with how his team does, than what his personal accomplishments are. This attitude just might add to how he is perceived, and it certainly can't hurt. Jayvaughn's squad is lucky to have a player who is so focused on the team over himself, and whatever schools he ends up at will be lucky as well. For now though, Pinkston and his fellow Lions will continue to win basketball games, and Jayvaughn will be focused on just that.

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