Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anthony Baskerville- HS & College Ball in NJ?

Anthony Baskerville of the Plainfield High School (NJ) Cardinals had a wonderful performance at the Prime Time Shootout. Baskerville, a 5'8 junior guard, helped lead his team to victory over Ridge (NJ), scoring 14 points along the way. Although Baskerville might not have the ideal height for a basketball player, he is talented. After his Plainfield squad knocked off Ridge, I caught up with Anthony.

NB: [The team] had a big game tonight, [dominating] from start to finish. What went into that victory for you?
AB: All-out hustle, defense, and we just played hard.

NB: How [was the team] . . . able to contain . . . their team, they only really had one guy who was playing well for them, . . . [which was Andrew] Madlinger, [who] hit a bunch of threes. Other than that, you really shut down their whole team. What were you doing on defense to stop them?
AB: We ran a . . . man-to-man [defense], we did a “12” . . . to hold them out [from] . . . the [half] court line. That’s how we got it done.

NB: You’re still a junior, but have you begun thinking about colleges . . . yet? [Are there] any schools [that] you want to go to?
AB: No, not really. . . . I’m just weighing my options out.

NB: What schools have been sending you mail?
AB: Rider. . . . Nobody else really, that’s it.

NB: Are you interested in going to Rider maybe?
AB: A chance, yeah, maybe, yeah.

NB: Where do you want to go if you had any choice in the country?
AB: North Carolina.

NB: What do you want to accomplish the rest of the way this season, both personally and team-wise?
AB: A title, a title, a state title.

NB: What about for yourself?
AB: Going to school, really, getting into school.

NB: How about for your senior season, what do you want to do next year in your last year in high school?
AB: [I'm] trying to get 1,000 [points] and help team out, and that’s it really.

I spoke with Baskerville again yesterday, and he let me know that he is now receiving interest from Monmouth, which he says is the school that he would prefer to go to, because he is hearing that Monmouth has a "good . . . program." Anthony did tell, though, that he would go to "either one." On another note, Baskerville's team was defeated by Linden in the state semifinals. He also said this about the team this season: "I think [our record] was . . . 18-8, I believe." That is a solid record, and Baskerville is a solid basketball player, and one that might continue playing in New Jersey once he finishes up high school.

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