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Jordan Theodore- Making Seton Hall a National Power?

Jordan Theodore of the Paterson Catholic (NJ) Couagrs will be taking his game to the Big East next season. The 6'0 senior guard will play for Bobby Gonzalez at Seton Hall. Theodore was one of the Cougars' best players this season, and he had a great performance in a blowout win over Montrose Christian (MD). After the victory, Jordan was kind enough to speak with me for a few minutes.

NB: [That was a] big win . . . today. Start to finish you were completely in charge of that game. How were you able to play so well and dominate such a good opponent?
JT: Well, we just wanted to go out there and play hard, just go out there and get it done. We stressed defense . . . everyday in practice, so we went out there [and] we played D. We beat them on the glass. . . . We just went out there and played hard.

NB: What does your team pride itself on in general, is it defense, offense, [or] a specific part of either side of the floor?
JT: It’s defense. Everybody on our team can score, everybody can go by [someone, and] hit a jump-shot, or go by somebody [and] get a lay-up, but [with] defense, [if] you stop somebody, you win. We were able to get out early, get a 15 point lead, and keep it.

NB: Is that what you pride yourself on personally, as well?
JT: Yeah, defense, defense. I’m known as a defensive stopper.

NB: You scored a lot of points . . . today. How were you able to score so much, and really lead your team to victory?
JT: Well, I went out there, I put a [few] crossovers together, got some lay-ups [and] fast break points. I knocked down a lot of jump-shots. . . . My jumper was working for me.

NB: Being in New Jersey and a part of Paterson Catholic, you guys sometimes get overshadowed by some of the other schools in state. How does that make . . . [the team] feel? [Paterson Catholic] is a great team, just like [St.] Anthony’s and [St.] Benedict’s, but when people talk about New Jersey, [Paterson Catholic] isn’t always mentioned, but you’re up there, so how does that help [the team]?
JT: It just makes us go out there, and strive to be the best. We want to be better than St. Anthony’s and St. Pat’s [and] St. Benedict’s. They [are] the high-level programs, and they are ranked in the country, we’re not. We had them big games, like [one against] St. Benedict’s, [and] we lost. We had a big game against Mt. Vernon [from New York], [and] we lost. We [will] probably end up playing St. Anthony’s or St. Pat’s in the states [tournament], so we [are] going to go out there and do what we do.

NB: You’ve already signed with Seton Hall. . . . What went into your decision to stay in-state and go to Seton Hall?
JT: I just wanted to stay home. I wanted all my friends and family to be able to watch me play. I love the metro area, and I’m just going to keep doing my thing in [New] Jersey.

NB: How’d you pick Seton Hall over some other local schools, like Rutgers, St. John’s [ in New York, and other] schools like that [which] are located in the tri-state area?
JT: Well, every time I was on The Hall, like every time I was on campus . . . with coaches and teammates, it just felt like home. I [have] been going to camp at Seton Hall, not Seton Hall camp exactly, but Easterns and the other camps, I [have seen] Hall for a long time, and every time I was there, I balled, I played my heart out, and it just felt good.

NB: What are you most looking forward to about college basketball?
JT: [Pause] Everything, . . . the Big East Tournament, the NCAA Tournament, March Madness, I just can’t wait to get there.

NB: [Are there] any goals [that] you have [for your time] as a college basketball player, or are you waiting until you get to that road?
JT: Big East Freshman of the Year, NCAA Freshman of the Year, . . . Big East champions, NCAA champions.

NB: All in your freshman year?
JT: All in my freshman year.

Theodore has some lofty goals, both for himself and for Seton Hall. Although SHU has struggled the past few seasons, they have some quality players on their roster, including sophomore Eugene Harvey. A jump to Big East and NCAA title next year would be unexpected, but anything can happen. If Theodore's fellow Pirates are on a wavelength similar to his, The Hall could certainly make some progress in the 2008-09 season. Jordan Theodore has his goals, and he plans to accomplish them . . . all in his freshman year.

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