Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gerardo Suero- A Bright Spot for Our Savior New American

Gerardo Suero isn't a household name, but the way he plays says that maybe that shouldn't be the case. Suero is a 6'4 senior guard for the Pioneers of Our Savior New American (NY), a squad that faced off against St. Benedict's on February 9th at the Prime Time Shootout. Gerardo put on an absolute show, hitting numerous threes, and doing his best to keep his team in the contest. Though OSNA eventually lost in not-so-close fashion, Gerardo's performance was certainly a bright point for the Pioneers. After the game, I spoke to Gerardo, and we received the help of someone translate what I was saying, as Gerardo's first language is Spanish.

NB: You had a great game out there today, really hard effort, you scored a lot of points. How were you able to maintain focus throughout the game and continue scoring even when the game started getting out of hand?
GS: If you want to win a game, you never can give up, you have to play hard until the game finishes, you have to play hard, so you never have to give up. . . . My mom teach me that you never give up until the game is over, so that’s why.

NB: Have you made a college decision yet, and if not, are there any schools that are at the top of your list that you’ve been thinking about a lot?
GS: I didn’t sign with [anyone]. . . . I have talked with my father, and he is going to say what college I [am] going [to]. I don’t know yet. I have a lot of colleges [showing me interest], I have Pittsburgh, Kentucky, DePaul, . . . Tennessee, I don’t know where I [am] going.

NB: Is there a school that right now is standing out to you as your favorite?
GS: No, I don’t have [one] yet, I don’t have [one] yet.

NB: Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish the rest of your high school season and end up finishing the year on the right note?
GS: I want to win all the games that we have [left]. We have like 11 more games, so I want to win those games. So, that’s my goal.

Suero's performance at the Prime Time Shootout was an indication that he may have the tools to succeed at the highest level of college basketball, whether it be in the SEC, Big East, or in another conference. Gerardo's stroke from downtown was one of the most impressive of all the players in the event. He was easily the best player on OSNA, and without him, the game would have been a huge blowout. The squad did not win their final 11 games. According to, the squad finished out the year at 5-6, including a win over Hun (NJ) by two and American Christian (PA) by three in the last game of the year. One of those losses was by just one point, to Mt. Zion Christian Academy (NC), and another was to ex-OSNA star John Riek's current school, Winchendon (MA). The squad finished the year with just six wins, with five coming in their last 10 games, so they finished off on a strong note. Despite his team's struggles, Gerardo Suero is definitely a superb talent with the ability to be successful in college.

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