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Dee Bost- Excited For College

The point guard for a national champion team is always a top-notch player, and the guy at the "1" for Hargrave Military Academy (VA), the prep national champion, was no different. Dee Bost, a 6'1 post-grad was the floor leader for Hargrave and led the sqaud to an undefeated season, culminating in a national championship. Bost, who is will bring his skills to Mississippi St. next year, was awarded the MVP trophy by Hargrave Head Coach Kevin Keatts, and for good reason. Bost led all scorers with 26 points, along with five rebounds, three steals, and an assist. Bost was kind enough to talk with me for a few minutes after the huge victory.

NB: What does it mean to you personally to win a national championship?
DB: It feels good to win a national championship, especially on this stage . . . Because it’s like you [are] basically playing with college players, but we got one more step next year, once we hit college, so it [will] feel even better next year, but it feels real good this year.

NB: What do you think is more important for the program: going undefeated [or] winning a national championship? . . . What do you think about that, the accomplishment you guys did this season?
DB: For the program that’s a big thing, [that] we went undefeated. Especially after going undefeated, [that] we came here and won a national championship, that means a lot to the program. It’s going, it going to blow up.

NB: How’d you pick Mississippi St. over all the schools looking at you?
DB: With Mississippi St., when I went down there, I had a good visit and they told me that, from day one, that they were going to put the ball in my hands, they were going to let me learn as a freshman, and if I made turnovers . . . they were going to let me learn. . . . So, they [are] going to let me learn my freshman year.

NB: Does this great season Mississippi St.’s having this year get you more excited to be playing for them?
DB: Oh yeah, yeah, definitely. The year they [are] having this year made me just want to go there right now, and just play. I cant wait to get there. It’s going to be real fun once I get there.

NB: [Are there] any goals you have [for your time] in the SEC at Mississippi St.?
DB: My first goal is to get us to win. . . . Okay, first goal is to win the conference title and take . . . [it] game by game. And then the next goal is for me to lead the league in assists, and then get SEC Player of the Year, but first comes the team goals, and then my individual goals.

NB: Do you have a goal to make it to the NBA after college?
DB: Oh yeah, . . . no matter if it takes four years, a year. . . . that’s my goal, to get to the NBA. I’m going to work hard just to get there. A lot of players don’t make it, but I’m going to work hard to get there.

NB: How’d you pick Hargrave over all the prep schools in the country? What went into the [decision] to come here?
DB: Picking Hargrave, it was a hard choice because it’s a military school, but I had to get my grades right first of all, and everybody told me that’s the number one school, especially [for] going through the [NCAA] Clearinghouse just to get your grades right. So I had . . . that, as far as grades, and then as far as the basketball program, they were number one, so I couldn’t resist playing basketball, I could just take in my grades while I’m in, and not worry about the military part.

NB: So it’s been a good experience playing at Hargrave?
DB: Yeah, it’s been a great experience. It was fun, I feel like I was in high school again.

NB: Now that you’re done with your high school basketball career, your prep career, everything, reflecting back on [it], what was the best moment?
DB: Oh, I [don’t] got one special moment, but I got a lot of moments, especially just winning this national championship on the prep school level. I won two for high school, this prep school championship means a lot.

NB: What high school was that at?
DB: Concord High in North Carolina.

NB: What does that MVP trophy you have in your hand mean to you?
DB: It means a lot, but I’m just glad that we won. . . . In our state championships in high school I won MVP, but it means a lot, especially just winning [it] at the prep school level.

As evidenced by what he told me, Dee is excited to get down to Mississippi St. and play ball in the SEC. Bost should be a high quality college basketball player, as he is a good floor general, and has a sweet touch from beyond the arc. Bost was easily the best player the premiere player on the court at the Prep National Championships title game, and his performance led his team to victory, something that Bost will look to continue doing at the next level. If Dee Bost plays like he did in his final game on the prep level which is "basically . . . college players," according Dee, then he should be primed for success from here on out.

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