Thursday, March 20, 2008

David Bruce- Local Standout

The Linden (NJ) Tigers are a top-notch New Jersey pubilc school basketball team. The squad is led by Houston-bound guard Desmond White, but it was 6'9 junior forward David Bruce that stood out at the Prime Time Shootout in an overtime victory over St. Raymond's (NY). Bruce was a beast down low, playing strong against the squad from New York's CHSAA. I caught up with David after his impressive MVP performance.

NB: That was a big win . . . for [the team] . . . out there, start to finish you played real well, it was a close game. How’d you guys pull away in overtime and come away with the win?
DB: Last night we got some rest, we had our legs. We just came from two losses, and we [were] just motivated.

NB: This is your second big win against a good team from New York, the other one was Mt. Vernon. How are you guys able to play so well against such good competition?
DB: Well, we just played Linden basketball, great defense, teamwork, [picking] each other up, and we came out with the W.

NB: What do you consider to be the forte of your game, and what do you consider [to be the aspect of your game that] you need to work on the most to be successful in college?
DB: Blocking shots, getting . . . offensive rebounds, [and] maybe . . . [playing] around the perimeter [are my strongest points]. That’s my . . . best game. What I got to work on is getting to the rack, getting to the basket off the . . . block.

NB: You’re still uncommitted . . . for college. . . . What schools are you considering? Are [there] any schools at the top of your list that you’re really thinking about heading to?
DB: I’m not sure yet.

NB: Is there anything specific [that] you want to accomplish either personally or team-wise in your final two years of high school?
DB: Not really, just play ball. Hopefully get some high DI looks, and that’s about it.

NB: What schools have been sending you mail so far?
DB: St. John’s, Rutgers, St. Joe’s, Seton Hall, LaSalle, [and] a couple other schools.

As evidenced by the schools looking at Bruce, he is a local commodity, but his play agasint St. Ray's was that of a big-time national recruit. Either way, David Bruce can certainly ball. The big man would be a welcome addition two years from now to any of the schools he mentioned, as well as many others in the tri-state area. Assuming Bruce consistently like he did against St. Raymond's other schools just might have to get involved in his recrutiment. For now though, the local school are lucky to have a shot at this New Jersey standout.

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