Monday, March 24, 2008

Doron Lamb- Sophomore Superstar

When it comes to picking the best sophomore at the Prime Time Shootout, the choice is simple: Doron Lamb of the Bishop Loughlin (NY) Lions. Lamb is a 6'4 guard, and he is an absolutely tremendous talent. Lamb came into the event very well-regarded, and he supported that notion by his outstanding performance. Doron was the game's leading scorer in his team's victory over Trenton Catholic (NJ). After the win, I caught up with Lamb.

NB: [That was] a great performance. . . . [The team] dominated [the whole way], you had a great game [in your own right]. How were you guys able to play so well on this big stage?
DL: Well, [Head] Coach [Khlaid Green] said just said play hard, there [is] going to be a lot of people here, don’t get nervous in the game, so we just played hard, and we came out with the win.

NB: What did you do personally for yourself to continue scoring from start to finish, [ending] with 28 points?
DL: [I] just started shooting--I was short earlier before the game, we were going hard--and I just kept on shooting.

NB: What do you consider to be your strongest point of your game?
DL: My shooting ability.

NB: What about your weakest [aspect of your game]?
DL: My defense.

NB: What are you doing to work on that?
DL: Play defense, work hard in practice.

NB: You’re still a sophomore, but [have] you begun thinking about colleges yet, or are you just enjoying high school?
DL: No, I [am] just worrying about high school.

NB: Has there ever been a school that you’ve always wanted to go to [while] growing up, or just come to that when you--
DL: Louisville and Syracuse.

NB: [Are there] any goals [that] you want to accomplish during your high school career?
DL: Win the Federation.

NB: How did you decide to come to Bishop Loughlin out of all the private schools in New York?
DL: Me and Jayvaughn Pinkston are the best [sophomores] in New York. . . . So, we talked and we ended up going to Bishop Loughlin together.

Doron Lamb is a terrific player, and is one that should continue to thrive at the high school level. Lamb has the abilities to become a standout in the NCAA as well, and schools should definitely take a look at this amazing sophomore. Lamb is already interested in Syracuse and Lousiville, so it would definitely be a great idea for someone from those schools to check out Doron and evaluate whether or not he is a fit for their program. Doron Lamb is easily one of the top sophomores in the Northeast, if not the country as a whole. America better get ready to watch the superstar continue to shine for years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Question? Did SU offer Doron Lamb? If not,why not? Doron Lamb is a great player and young man.He is a coaches DREAM PLAYER.Yes,your title is correct,a true SUPERSTAR!!!