Saturday, February 23, 2008

Andre Byrdsong- Look Out For Him Down the Road

Andre Byrdsong, a 6'0 guard on the Red Devils of Rancocas Valley (NJ) is a player that way under the radar when it comes to recruting. The senior was not highly recruited, yet his game says that shouldnt be so. Byrdsong was easily the best player on the Red Devils, and played almost as well as the MVP for American Christian (PA), his team's opponent, Lamont Jones. Byrdong was fearless in getting to the rack and is his offensive game was fantastic. Andre and I spoke for a few minutes after the game.

NB: You guys had a . . . really, really good first half. You guys were sticking in the game. Things started to slip away in the third quarter when Lamont Jones caught fire, but you played really well today. How’d you maintain focus and keep playing throughout?
AB: By my team just giving me confidence. . . . I’m the senior on this team, I’m a four-year starter, and I got to be the leader on the team and try to put the team on my back most parts of the game.

NB: Coming into this game with such a high-quality opponent as American Christian, was there a lot of intensity? Were you guys really prepared for this game?
AB: We prepared ourselves to try to stop Tyreke [Evans], the leading scoring on their team, and make somebody else beat us, and somebody else did, and that’s what happened. That’s how we lost.

NB: You guys definitely stopped Tyreke. Once you had that, was there anyway you [guys] were trying to switch over to Lamont [Jones], trying to stop him because he caught fire?
AB: No, because we were practicing to try to stop Tyreke all week long, and it was a long process, so it was hard to [switch over] in a timeout break or something because then if we go ahead and worry about that one guy, then Tyreke gets hot, then that’s definitely a problem.

NB: From the beginning of the game to the end of the game, you did not seem intimidated at all against American Christian, driving to the hoop, taking threes. How was it for you going up against this level of competition?
AB: I play AAU with these type of guys all the time during the off-[season], up north [New] Jersey with them guys, St. Anthony’s guys, St. Pat’s guys. . . . So these [are] the type of games that I always play in during the summer.

NB: So you’re a senior, have you decided on a college yet or are you still weighing your options?
AB: I’m weighing my options now. I’m trying to get into Augusta St. down in Georgia, but I got to wait and see how everything goes.

NB: Are there any other schools you’re considering if that doesn’t work out?
AB: If that doesn’t work out, I’m going to go to a JuCo around closer to our area, Gloucester or BCC.

I talked with Andre today and he informed me that he won’t be able to attend Augusta St. due to academic reasons. Instead, he will either go to Gloucester County College (NJ) or Globe Institute (NY). After JuCo he will re-consider heading down to Augusta St. or will make his way to a different academic institution if the opportunity presents itself. Once Byrdsong is done at JuCo, he could be a key transfer to a mid-major or a top-notch DII school. On a side note, Byrdsong is in the state all-star game which he says will take place on March 24. Coaches should take some time at some point if they are in the area, to check out Byrdsong, becasue his is a fine talent.


Anonymous said...

After that Andre Byrdsong dropped out months before he graduated. :[

North Star Basketball said...

I'm sorry to hear that. It is definitely unfortunate. Andre had a lot of talent and seemed like a good guy. Hopefully things work out for him.

Anonymous said...

As NB mentioned, "don't count Andre' out just yet!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you will join us as we wish Andre' well as he has begun his journey as a STUDENT/ATHLETE @ Kaskaskia College in Centralia IL.

North Star Basketball said...

That is great to hear!
I'm happy that Andre will be headed for college and is going back in the right direction!

da_mrs. said...

Well excuse me..yes he might have dropped out but he still making his way and still doing his college thing. whoever said a dropout couldn't get their diploma? Well Dre did and he has moved on to a different state. He might have sunk to the bottom for a quick sec. but now he's back on top. So a big congratulations to Andre Byrdsong for still doing his thing. Much love and success!

Anonymous said...

I cover Kaskaskia basketball and cannot wait to see this young man. I have heard nothing but rave reviews.
He is part of a great first recruiting class for new head coach Brian Hancock.